Thanksgiving is over and those leftovers should be long gone. That means that Project Accessory is all new! Tonight the remaining seven designers are having fun on the beach! Also, designers Rachel Roy and Jenna Lyons guest judge.

The Challenge

Molly Sims asks for a little help with announcing this challenge. Models walk out onto the runway… in bikinis. Yes, ma’m. It’s a swimsuit challenge. The designers must create…

  • A pair of sandals
  • Headwear
  • Designer’s choice

The Twist

Now the designers are shipped off to a destination unknown where they will meet up with Eva. Anyone have any ideas where? No, it’s not the Jersey Shore. It’s Coney Island! The twist is… they must create their pieces out of what they find in this location. Everyone is flying in every direction.

In the Workroom

Christina finds that her bathing suit has been worn. First of all, gross! Second, duh! It was on your model when you picked her.

Shea has managed to bring the entire beach with her to the workroom.

Rich is, again, having a hard time. The sandals are apparently simple when all you have to do is wear them, but making them is a different story. There’s a moment when he stands in front of his tools, staring off into space. Reminiscent of last week, right?

Brian is constructing some sort of hat that looks as if an African queen should be wearing it. Plus he’s using the fabric of a rainbow colored kite for the hat. Wrong on so many levels.

Let’s go back to Shea. She’s freaking out because she’s still molding her shells to fit the idea she doesn’t really have in her head yet about her necklace. Everyone else in the workroom thinks her incomplete necklace is already a mess.

Eva has suggested that Adrian finish his overlarge floppy hat because it looks incomplete. So this gives him the impression that he should add a piece of fabric and make it wavy so it looks like it’s blowing in the wind. Imagine me rolling my eyes right now because I am.

Shea has now managed to use her seashell hole-drilling wand (I made that one up myself.) on her thumb. Yes, she’s bleeding and the freak-out should commence after she attaches a huge shell to a chain belt, of course.

The Runway


  • Jenna Lyons
  • Rachel Roy
  • Ariel Foxman

Rich plays it extremely safe, covering up the bathing suit he was given with a factory-made sarong. Diego has created some really sophisticated golden pieces, including a clutch to match his pea green bikini. He should definitely be in the top designers. Christina put a t-shirt on her model’s head and make it look amazing! If I put a t-shirt on my head, I would look ridiculous.

The Judges’ Thoughts


Christina still needs to find her signature style. Either way, though, her work is awesome.

Brian’s headpiece sort of resembles something from The Flintstones, but apparently that means the judges like it.

Nina’s necklaces look as though they were “curated.” Her headpiece, on the other hand, is not so cool.

Diego gets a “cop out” comment about the way he used a simple pin on a beach hat for his headpiece.


Adrian’s look is way too “costumey.” This is a mess altogether.

Shea’s shell belt causes for well-deserved laughter. They are laughing at you, honey.

Rich made some “effortless” sandals, but the head scarf and sarong is weak.

Challenge Winner: Brian

Eliminated: Shea

Next week on Project Accessory, Kenneth Cole will take the winner’s accessories and place them in his stores.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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Jilliane Johnson

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