Remember that girl who fell down the stairs on American Idol last week? Well, she went to the hospital. [TMZ]

But enough about her, she’s so last week! This week we’re all about the Milwaukee and Nashville auditions on Wednesday and Thursday night, respectively. Here’s a sneak peek at the talent (or lack thereof) Nashville has to offer.

Sometimes people can’t hear themselves when they sing. This Italian Chris O’Donnell guy is one of them.

This crooner and I have something in common: we like songs that are punchy and hard-hitting. Actually, I can’t tell if he really likes it, because he seems bored. Maybe the clapping is just to keep himself awake.

Could this be the girl who, in Nigel Lythgoe’s opinion, rivals Kelly Clarkson? She’s young and talented! And she’s got the look. I assume that woman standing in the background of the audition will be explained in Thursday’s full episode…

Hey, these people got to audition together! I’m telling Ryan Seacrest! Turns out it might not matter, because when you’re talented you can bend the rules and get whatever you want. Oh, to be talented and (presumably) in love. They were so good they almost made J. Lo forget to mug for the cameras.

(image and video courtesy of FOX)


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