Last week, Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif announced they would be separating. Now Adrienne is saying that although her husband has filed for legal separation, the two are still trying to patch things up.

“We’re at that point where it’s that bump in the road, but we’re trying to work things out,” Adrienne told People. “I always like to keep a positive attitude and hope that we can resolve our differences.”

Adrienne also insists that they keep working on their relationship for the good of their children, who the couple have always been very adamant about not including in the show.

“It’s always about the children and what’s in their best interests,” Adrienne said. “I love my children. They come before anything I’ve ever done. They’re healthy, happy kids. I want to keep them that way. What’s important is to not be showing them on camera. If they want to go into business when they’re older, that’s fine. But I’ve really protected my children.”

Sources close to the couple agree that their separation might be for the best for their children until they can work out their problems in counseling.

“They are getting professional help and trying to save their marriage,” a source told US Weekly. “But their relationship is very volatile. They are trying to do what’s best for their kids.”

Despite the desire of Dr. Paul to keep their relationship issues off the small screen as much as possible, Adrienne assures you can expect a tumultuous season 3 of RHOBH nonetheless.

“You can expect a lot of drama,” she says. “Some things never change. The drama is amped up a little bit more on my end.”

What do you think? Will Adrienne and Paul get back together or divorce?

Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer

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Gina Pusateri

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