For the second week in a row, the HoH won the Power of Veto on Big Brother 14 and then completely changed their minds to backdoor a huge threat. This week Danielle decided to put up Janelle after forming two separate alliances: the Quack Pack and the Silent Six. Tonight, if things go according to plan, Frank could survive his third eviction vote while Janelle could get blindsided.

I’ll be providing live updates as this episode unfolds with the latest in house drama, votes and the new HoH competition (which, fingers crossed, could be the insanely tense Knockout quiz).

I’m greatly amused by the fact that the show refers to Janelle as a “Stay-at-Home Mom.” That makes her sound a lot softer and sweeter than she really is.

I’m also sick and tired of Dan’s red Michigan shirt. I’m starting to think it’s the only shirt he brought into the house, because even on the live feeds he always seems to be wearing that or nothing.

After the PoV Ceremony

Janelle claims she was never coming after Danielle. Wil is ecstatic that Janelle is about to go. And Boogie takes a bow for his master plan. I used to think he was nothing without Dr. Will, but Boogie absolutely deserves credit for this.

Janelle meets with Danielle, who claims that a bunch of people were telling her that Janelle was coming after her. The plan is to basically mislead Janelle all week with misdirection, making her think she’s safe while not clueing her in to the presence of two huge alliances that formed against her.

Dan loves it, but when talking to Janelle he plays dumb, claiming that Danielle made a stupid, emotional, girly decision all on her own. Janelle campaigns and gets nearly everyone to promise that they won’t vote her out. The list includes Dan, Britney, Wil, Ashley, Joe and maybe even Jenn. In reality, however, she’s got almost none of them.

Britney gets guilt-tripped by Janelle into a total emotional breakdown because she doesn’t like lying to her. Janelle pitches that the coaches need to stick together, but the problem is that she is the ONLY coach playing this coaches vs. newbies game. The three other coaches have formed tight bonds with their players. Janelle’s downfall is that she NEVER respected her players and now she’s paying for it because the other coaches are so tight with some of the newbies that they have no interest or need for a coaches alliance.

Julie Chats with the HGs

Julie gets Frank to do a ridiculous cheer about his purple and white colors. Boogie says he’s feeling a whole lot better about the twist than he did a week ago, sounding like the cat who ate the canary. Then Julie humiliates Ian with a look at his life as a dog, but Ian loves it.

Ian and Ashley’s Big Bang Romance

In a perfect bit of CBS synergy, Julie compares nerdy Ian and blonde bimbo Ashley’s potential romance to that of Leonard and Penny on The Big Bang Theory.  We then meet their moms. Ian’s mom embarrasses the crap out of him, talking about his lack of experience with girls. Ashley’s mom claims she’s not a ditz, she’s a “free spirit.” Ashley’s mom also says her daughter goes for big, strong hunks, but she does think Ashley should totally get into a Final 2 alliance with Ian. It’s funny that the show is wasting time talking about this showmance when, in the house, they’ve already had a fake “break-up.”

Nominee Speeches

Frank talks about how he’s played the game like a gentleman and has stayed classy. Julie thinks he sounds like Ron Burgundy. Wow, Julie is KILLING it tonight.

Janelle just kind of vamps and says nothing important except that people should vote to keep her if she can help their game.

The Vote

Boogie votes to evict…JANELLE
Jenn votes to evict…JANELLE
Joe votes to evict…FRANK
Wil votes to evict…JANELLE
Ashley votes to evict…JANELLE
Britney votes to evict…JANELLE (her personal favorite HG ever)
Shane votes to evict…JANELLE
Dan votes to evict…JANELLE (after telling Mrs. Chen how ravishing she looks, prompting Julie to say that Mrs. Chen is her mother)
Ian votes to evict…JANELLE


Janelle takes it very well. This is what I sometimes forget, because as much as I hated her in the game, I love that she instantly turns it off and puts on her “It’s just a game” face. Janelle thinks that everyone wanted to backdoor her, hence the massive vote against her. Julie asks why she hit the reset button, and Janelle says it’s because all she wanted to do was play. She also STILL wants Frank out of the game because he’s such a strong player. Wow, Julie’s questions are VERY specific about things like the coaches meeting. Julie Chen is absolutely bringing her A-game tonight. Janelle doesn’t think Boogie can will, but she loves Dan and is rooting for him to win.

Dan and Britney are sad to send her home. Joe yells some more and vows to avenge this eviction! Boogie takes ALL of the credit for getting her evicted for a third time. But Janelle gets the last word: “He’s such a loser” and “Screw you, Mike Boogie. I hope you lose.”

The HoH Competition

Hooray, it’s Knockout! Two HGs go head-to-head where the answer to a song is HoH, PoV or Coaches Comp. If you get it wrong, you’re out. If you get it right, you knock out the other player then pick the next two HGs to do battle. This is one of my favorite Big Brother games ever because it’s sooooo dramatic and forces everyone to expose their alliances and enemies.

Jenn vs. Wil: JENN IS OUT
Joe vs. Boogie: JOE IS OUT
Wil vs. Ashley: WIL IS OUT
Shane vs. Britney: SHANE IS OUT
Ashley vs. Ian: ASHLEY IS OUT
Dan vs. Britney: DAN IS OUT
Frank vs. Boogie: BOOGIE IS OUT (he picked randomly right away)
Britney vs. Ian: IAN IS OUT
Britney vs. Frank: BRITNEY IS OUT


Wow, Frank wins his second HoH! And all he really had to do was beat Britney since Boogie knocked himself out. That could not have worked out better for the Silent Six. Now we get to see if Frank is a man of his word and keeps Dan, Danielle, Shane and Britney safe.

Frank really is ALWAYS in the center of drama. He’s been on the block three of the first five weeks, and HoH for the other two. And some of these other people need to step it up. Even if you include Coaches Competitions, only four of the 11 remaining HGs have won anything this season.

Sadly Julie says NOTHING about a potential double eviction next week. Come on, Julie, there are so many people and so little time. Heck, they had the halfway party last night. We need to start dropping bodies fast.

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