The lab geek used to be a character that was always trapped in their lab, just offering advice to a main character when they needed to solve a crime. But some lab geeks don’t even wear lab coats or work in a lab. If they are geeky, smart and offer invaluable information, then they’re on our list – whether they be coroners, computer techs, or forensic scientists. Here are 9 of TV’s Favorite Lab Geeks

#9 Abby NCIS

Abby is a forensic scientist of the Goth variety has taken being a lab geek to another level and has also become an integral part of the team. She is like the daughter/little sister to everyone on her team and no episode of NCIS would be complete without her.


#8 Fitz and Simmons Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

These two are geeks that pretty much only travel as a pair. Fitz and Simmons even have a name that binds them together. When working together, “Fitzimmons” becomes almost one person with one mind and they use that mind to come up with amazing solutions to problems.

#7 Brennan Bones

When an entire show is based in a lab that is stocked full of wonderful lab geeks, it may seem hard to pick just one, but there is no doubt that on this show Brennan stands out from the rest. She is incredibly smart, but beyond that she is also a lab geek that isn’t afraid to shed her lab coat sometimes and go out and help take down the criminals that she and her team have found guilty.

Brennan Bones

#6 Dr. Joanne Webster Unforgettable

Joanne is a lab geek that not only gives her team information that they need to solve a crime, she does it with personality. Lots and lots of personality. She may tell you everything you need to know about a dead body, but she will also give you a few snappy comments to go with it.

#5 Eric and Nell NCIS: Los Angeles

Nearly inseparable from each other (and from their computers), Eric and Nell are always there to provide the important information that their team needs. They also provide the audience with comic relief and perhaps a touch of romance (who can forget the mistletoe incident last Christmas?).

#4 Sheldon The Big Bang Theory

While it’s true that a number of the characters on this show are geeks who also work in labs, when it comes to figuring out who is the leader of all geeks, only one name stands out: Sheldon. How can we possibly have a list of lab geeks without him on it? Sheldon knows everything about everything that involves science and, best of all, he’s never afraid to tell everyone else all about it.

#3 Penelope Criminal Minds

Penelope is another quirky lab geek, though she deals more with information than fluids and other types of evidence that would require a lab coat and microscope. Like Abby on NCIS, she also had her own unique style of dressing in her lab, though she’s more cute than Goth.

#2 Lanie Castle

Lanie is an important part of the team on Castle. She provides information from all of the dead bodies that they encounter, but can also handle her own when Castle starts up his antics. She’s smart, she’s funny and she’s sexy – all qualities that make her a lab geek that is also incredibly cool.

Lanie Castle

#1 Nick Stokes CSI

CSI is a show that is pretty much about a bunch of geeks working in a lab, but there is one that stands above them all. Nick is known for putting his heart deeply into his work and it is his empathy that helps him do his job so well.

Michelle Carlbert

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