Sloppy supervillains have to watch their back now that Tim Gunn’s taking a step towards becoming Project Runway‘s own comic-book superhero.  Yes, it’s a shocker.  I couldn’t believe the news myself, but you can’t deny how amusing this is going to be.

According to The Associated Press, the fashion guru can be spotted making it work as a character in cartoons released by Marvel Comics.  Tim Gunn’s “Loaded Gunn” storyline will focus on him trying to save a bunch of extraordinary superhero clothes from envious antagonists.

Part of the return of Marvel’s comic miniseries “Models,Inc,” the story takes place in the world of high fashion (as expected) where the Project Runway mentor rubs elbows with characters from the 1960s.

Marvel editor Charlie Beckerman praised Gunn for agreeing to the project, but it turns out the bespectacled style master was already a fan back then.

Tim Gunn was a good sport about it all, despite how strange the situation must be for him.  “It’s exciting and exhilarating, but bizarre,” he said.  “When they came to me, I said, `I’m about to turn 56 years old.  Are they crazy?’  But it kept revealing itself in layers and next thing, I’m wearing the `Iron Man’ suit.  I was dumbstruck.”

Though he thinks of himself as a Batman kind of guy, he’s open to any possibilities as long as he takes down those fashion faux criminals.  “Most superheroes are fighting the same thing — good vs. evil — but who’s taking on crimes against fashion?  Me!”

The first issue of “Models, Inc.” was released last September 9 on New York Fashion Week.  We can still catch up as, and we all know we want to.  He may not be able to fly around in a cape, but the public can definitely cheer for the crime-fighting abilities of the”Loaded Gunn.”  

“It’s a little `America’s Next Top Model’ — without Tyra (Banks) — and a little `Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’,” Beckerman said.  Tyra Turtle?  Maybe they should make that next.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Associated Press
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