On tonight’s season premiere of Project Runway, we are introduced to the latest of crop of designers, many of whom are already pretty successful. These designers have their own stores, have designed for major fashion magazines, and have worked with several high profile celebrities and rock stars. After moving into their chic new apartment, they meet up with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn.  Tim tells them that may just be the most diverse group of designers that the show has ever assembled.  They had to wait until the next day to find out what their first task would be the show decided to pull out an old challenge and put a new spin on it!

Project Runway kicked off their fifth season with a repeat of their very first challenge from their very first season. They designers would have to use food items from Gristedes Mega Store to construct an outfit to wow the judges. Season 1 designer Austin Scarlett joined the show tonight as a guest judge. In the store, Jerry heads for shower curtains while Terri grabs mop heads. Other designers go for food items, like Korto, who grabs lots and lots of kale.

Back in the workroom, several contestants are disappointed when they see that others have chosen tablecloths to work with. When Tim realizes how many people have used tablecloth, he tells them that the judges are going to call them the laziest group of designers in the history of the show. Stella purchased garbage bags to design with but was unhappy with the way it worked as a fabric for a garment. She was convinced that she’d be the first one eliminated and wasn’t cheered up by the moral support of her competitors.

At the runway show, the judges told Daniel that his plastic cup dress really stood out.  It was no surprise that Jerry landed in the bottom for his shower curtain garment, with Michael Kors calling it “a handy wipe gone wrong”.  Korto is praised for her chic dress, which incorporate fresh produce.  Stella is also not shocked when she found herself in the bottom three and Heidi tells her that she’s not impressed with her at all.  Kelli’s design tops the judges’ list for pushing the envelope with her vacuum cleaner bag dress.  Much to Blayne’s shock, he lands in the bottom for his outlandish design, which he thought would win him the challenge.

Kelli is named the winner of tonight’s challenge and receives immunity for the next challenge.  Jerry and Stella were left in the bottom two but the judges decide that Jerry will be the first to go home this season.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV