Tonight, Big Brother unveiled its 10th season and brought no real twists or surprises in its first episode.  The new houseguests arrived and found out from host Julie Chen that they’d have to pick their new Head of Household before stepping foot in the house or speaking to each other.  Julie gathered the guests in a circle and had them check off who they felt should become HOH.  They wouldn’t find out until later who was chosen.  First, they checked out their new house, claimed bedrooms, and gathered in the living room to receive further instructions from Julie.

It wasn’t long before the first competition got underway but unfortunately, one contestant would have to sit out to even things out.  Jessie volunteered but was immediately sorry when he found out that there was a huge prize involved.  The houseguests were split into two teams and had to push a car across the backyard.   Each them they made it across, another teammate had to jump out until only one was left.  The winner received a vintage car in mint condition.  Memphis won the car, thanks a few generous teammates.

Jerry found out that he was voted HOH by the other players, probably because they don’t perceive him as a threat yet and felt that they could easily persuade him.  Brian immediately gravitated towards Jerry and tried to push his ideas on him.  He had earlier formed an alliance with Dan and Ollie and when Dan’s name came up in the conversation, Brian pushed Jerry away from the idea.  Instead, the focused on Memphis, Renny, and Jessie for possible nominees.

At the eviction ceremony, Jerry ultimately decided to nominate Renny and Jessie for eviction.  He said that the two have caused disturbances in the house and should have to answer for themselves now.  His reasons were short and simple and with that, the ceremony was over.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV