Woohoo!  One of my favorite reality shows of all time is back – tonight is the premiere of the 10th season of Big Brother.  I’m going to give the show a pass after the last season which did nothing but make me angry.  Hopefully, they learned something.  Don’t pair people up, don’t call people soulmates, don’t eliminate people in twos.  Then, we’ll be all set.  I’m expecting a lot from this season, with it being the 10th and all.  Let’s hope CBS pulls out all the stops, and all the twists, to please Big Brother fans.  I’ll be here all hour with live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your comments, too!

All the contestants receive their keys and are surprised to find out that they’re on the show.  I can’t tell if their reactions are real or staged.

Julie doesn’t waste any time, does she?  The contestants get to vote for the first HOH before even entering the house.

Right off the bat, I think Ollie and Steven will go far in the game.

There’s a competition coming.  One person has to sit out.  Jessie decides that it’ll be him and a lot of players think he’s stupid for not participating.

Wow, he IS stupid.  The winner gets a vintage car.  I don’t even like cars but they’re so nice.  They’re divided into two teams and the red team wins.  Memphis gets a car.  Psh, I wouldn’t even care about the rest of the game if I won that car!

Jerry wins HOH!  YAY!!!  He is the CUTEST (which is probably why he’ll end up being a threat).  The younger men immediately try to get in with him to persuade him to nominate the people they want to see go home.

Renny is annoying everyone in the house which totally does not surprise me.  I think we could all see that coming from her first introduction.  She’s just running around everyone’s room cackling like a hyena.  I don’t expect her to last.

We have our first alliance this season: Dan, Ollie, and Brian.

Brian tries to manipulate Jerry and actually, is pretty successful.  Jerry wanted to nominate Dan but Brian fixed that quickly.  They’re talking about Memphis, Renny, and Jessie.  Jerry is worried about pissing Renny off.  I would be too.  She’s cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

He’s not that scared.  Renny and Jessie have been nominated for eviction.  I get Renny but what did Jessie ever do to anybody?

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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