On tonight’s episode of Big Brother, Jessie and Renny had to work hard to get themselves off the block after being nominated for eviction. Jessie blamed Renny for the conflict between them and went crying to Jerry about it. Rather than put their differences aside, Renny and Jessie argue further in the kitchen after she called him a “baby”. Later on, Renny tries to save face by apologizing in front of the house. He says that she never apologized but, in fact, she did – right when he first confronted her. She calls him out in front of the other players and storms out of Jerry’s room.

Brian straps on his big boy pants and starts promising everybody safety if they give him their loyalty. That should catch up with him pretty soon, the way this game works.  Two people who do seem to be getting along and hitting it off are April and Ollie.  On Sunday night, Ollie formed his first alliance and now, he seems about ready to start up his first showmance.

Only 6 people participate in tonight’s Power of Veto competition.  Besides Jerry, Renny, and Jessie, three more players are chosen.  Those three players are: Memphis, Michelle, and April.  Angie hosts tonight’s competition, where players must dive into a giant bed and find bears that match their pajamas.  They’ll have to swim through sticky honey to get the bears back to their jars.  Jessie made his way through the honey the fastest and finished in first place, with 5 bears in their jars.

Memphis’s strong performance in the veto competition worried some of the men in the house and Brian worked to backdoor him, getting Jerry to do his dirty work.  The women figure out that Dan, Ollie, and Brian are in an alliance and try to plot to take control of the game early on.  April confronts Ollie, hurt that he wouldn’t open up to her.  He doesn’t deny being with them in the game but promises April and Libra that he would never go after them.

April, Libra, and Ollie grab almost the entire house and confront Jerry, asking him to backdoor Brian.  Jerry is skeptical and feels bullied by the majority of the players in the game.  In the end, Jerry calls Brian out at the Power of Veto ceremony and nominates him to take Jessie’s place.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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