Survivor: Blood vs. Water, airing this fall, will hit a little close to home for the castaways. Instead of having to wait many days for the chance to make it to the Loved Ones Visit, the loved ones will be on the island the entire time as returning contestants will be competing against their own family.

One of those family members has now been revealed, and it is none other than Big Brother season 12 winner Hayden Moss, whose girlfriend is Kat Edorsson, who you may remember from Survivor: One World.
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Since both have experience on reality competition shows, they were asked which is harder in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Hayden said, “I will answer that question exactly in about 39 days. … Really, I’ll be the only person ever that can answer that question. So I’m excited to test it out and see what Survivor is all about.”

“The games are similar,” he went on to say, “But at the end of the day, it’s two totally different games. I think Survivor is going to be way tougher, physically. Big Brother you can say is mentally harder, because you’re there longer, you’re on lock-down, you have zero contact to anybody … you don’t see anything.” Realistically, you could pinpoint these onto¬†Survivor as well, so the mental aspect very much applies to both and not just one.

When asked if he’ll be a bigger target since he’s a BB winner, he said, “I think I’ll be a target early. If not early, then mid-game because, A, I won Big Brother, and, B, I’m a physical threat. People are going to know I already won an awesome social game. So immediately, they’re going to put two and two together and say hey, he’s a threat, we should probably take him out.”

Kat doesn’t agree, saying, “I don’t think anyone’s going to feel that way. … Hayden’s not just some macho man that’s going to take over their season. He’s not. He’s very humble. He’s modest about everything that he does.”

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Viewers may know him from Big Brother, but what you might not have known is that Hayden was actually in the running to be on Survivor. Host Jeff Probst revealed, “We met with him for Survivor. He made it all the way to our finals. Hayden and I met. We were in the room talking and for whatever reason — I can’t even remember now — it just didn’t work out. either we had somebody like him, I don’t know. And the next thing I know, he’s on Big Brother! If you had just waited five minutes, we would have put you on Survivor!”

It seems to have worked out because he now gets to appear on both shows and, in the case of Survivor, with his girlfriend, no less — then again, he may not get to spend much time with her as he’ll be on the opposing tribe at first.

Hayden is not technically related to Kat — at least not yet — but you can’t blame CBS for finding a way to cross-promote their shows. They’ve done it before when Survivor and Big Brother alums appeared on The Amazing Race.

Are you excited that Hayden will be competing on Survivor? And if you watched him win the grand prize on Big Brother, do you think he’ll be able to use that to his advantage on the island?

Survivor: Blood vs. Water kicks off with a 90-minute premiere on Wednesday, September 18 at 8pm on CBS.

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