In this episode of Big Brother 15, Amanda uses a phrase that should become the unofficial motto of this season: “There’s no changing it.” Indeed, there’s no changing anything this year. Whatever Amanda wants, she gets, and any and all attempts to flip the house against her will fail.

In week 5 Amanda wanted Howard gone, and there was no changing it. Last week she wanted Jessie gone and now she wants Helen gone. There’s no changing it.

Nomination Fallout

Helen foolishly STILL believes her Final 3 deal with McCrae and Andy is real and will protect her, the same way Nick thought the Moving Company would protect him back in week 2. Every single thing Helen says just makes her look dumber and dumber at this point. But that’s nothing compared to Andy, whose tears are just annoying at this point because he’s lying to someone he seems to genuinely like and trust in favor of protecting people who are mean and who will all beat him at the end.

Andy then continues his role as the rat by telling Spencer that Helen is targeting him. Does Andy really think this strategy is going to win him the game?

McCranda Action

McCrae and Amanda have sexy times, but then Elissa walks into the bedroom and just lays down, totally killing the mood. Elissa starts complaining about how Helen thinks Elissa is to blame for her nomination, and Amanda seizes the opportunity to drive a huge wedge between the Mom Squad. She’s already working on getting Elissa to trust her so that she can control her to do her bidding next week. This shouldn’t work, but somehow it does.

The Veto Players

When they pick players for the Power of Veto competition, Spencer is stoked because he mistakenly thinks that he’s relevant in this game. Andy is picked too, and he’s upset because he really, REALLY doesn’t want to win it, because it would go against his game plan of doing nothing.

Andy lies to Helen that he would use it and that she’s safe, but all of these lies are making his tummy upset. Are we supposed to feel sympathy for him? Because I don’t. That sick feeling in the pit of his stomach is called logic and reason, and he’s slowly smothering it in favor of idiotic loyalty to people who haven’t won or done anything.

Otev the Broken-Hearted Beaver

The PoV competition involves a sad beaver who wrote love letters to former HGs. In each round they must find the correct HG’s name and the last person back is out.

GinaMarie is out in the first round because she spends all of her time looking at Nick’s name.

In the second round, Elissa passes Helen at the last minute to eliminate her in an impressive display of agility. Amanda celebrates because she knows nothing else this week matters since Helen is going home. Sadly, she’s right. The entire week ended in that single moment.

In round 3, Elissa takes Andy out “like a wimpy girl” to send him to the sidelines. Aaryn is out in the fourth round.

This sets up a final showdown between Elissa and Spencer. Elissa’s yoga skills come in handy as she finds the last name, climbs the wall with ease and wins the Power of Veto. Again.

“There’s No Changing It”

After the PoV, Helen continues to sound like a moron by praising Elissa for winning when her life was on the line. She also thanks Andy for trying to win, but in the diary room, she lets us know that she believes Andy threw the competition, which is a giant red flag that he’s not really working with her.

Amanda then tells Elissa point blank that Spencer is going up, but Helen will go home. She adds that there’s nothing anyone can say or do to change this, so she shouldn’t even try because it’s just going to put a target on her. Why is this allowed to happen? Why does everyone just accept this?

Elissa then “doesn’t” tell Helen what Amanda said, but since Elissa is such a terrible liar, Helen can read between the lines and realizes that Amanda is coming after her.

Helen goes up to Aaryn to explain that Amanda and McCrae are turning Helen and Elissa against Aaryn and GM, so maybe they should team up and go after that couple. These two ladies compare notes and realize that Andy has been telling Amanda EVERYTHING they’ve ever told him.

Wine Fight Redux

The HGs get win and it causes Aaryn to rehash Jeremy’s big red wine fight from week 1. Aaryn says Amanda was being rude and bitchy that night, which causes Amanda and Aaryn to yell at each other over which of them is the worst person. Girls, girls, you’re both horrible bitches!

Aaryn gets mad and goes to sulk. This gives Andy a nervous meltdown because he’s worried that 3 A.M. is about to implode, and he’s put all of his eggs into that basket. I still have no idea why he thinks that’s a good idea. Does Andy honestly think he could beat any of them at the end in a jury vote?

Aaryn starts to rant about how Amanda hasn’t won anything and Aaryn has had to do all of the work, getting rid of Howard, Judd and now Helen all for her. She starts to think maybe she should try playing her own game and doing what’s best for her. Andy says a bunch of really dumb stuff about how Aaryn’s loyalty has gotten her this far. Um, winning FOUR HoH competitions has gotten her this far.

Really, this entire scene can be recapped using the following lyrics from the musical Wicked:

“Something has changed within me.
Something is not the same.
I’m through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game.”

Unfortunately, while Drunk Aaryn is fed up with Amanda’s crap, Sober Aaryn is a wuss.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Before it begins, Amanda gloats about how if Aaryn puts her up, she will stay and make sure Aaryn goes home next week, because Amanda gets what she wants. Amanda can’t win this game, or else her ego will get so large that it will begin to throw off the Earth’s center of gravity.

Elissa uses the Power of Veto to save herself. Aaryn nominates Spencer as the replacement, though she says it’s because she was backed into this corner.

Boo! If the Big Brother 15 producers were smart, they’d just give Aaryn a constant supply of wine. Alcohol actually makes her smarter and nicer.

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