For the past few weeks, we’ve seen a dozen acts from the America’s Got Talent top sixty perform, with only four making it through each week — tonight that stage of the process comes to a close. It’s still not entirely clear what sort of wildcard segment we might have this year — blame the late-running judges’ comments last night — but whatever we get there, this is the end of normal quarter-final eliminations. Tonight’s results will feature a performance by Train feat. Orville Redenbacher.

The live blog starts now:

Here’s our answer for how they’re handling wildcards: the judges will announce two previously disqualified acts at the end of the hour. I guess we won’t be having a dedicated episode after all.

The “Orville Lounge” features Sprice shooting popcorn tonight, so I guess it’s got that going for it. We then have a Snapple-sponsored person on the street interview, in which America reflects on all the talent its got.

After that comes an odd conversation song from Train called “Bruises,” in which the lead singer and a significantly younger woman chat idly in song form. It’s like a super banal two person version of “Trapped in the Closet.”


Selena Mykenzie Gordon

Virginia State University Gospel Chorale

Dave Finley advances to the semi-finals

Dave was a bit of a dark horse here, but I have no objection to seeing him again.


Sam Johnson


Melody Caballerro

Catapult advances to the semi-finals

No surprise to see these guys advance, though it’s a little surprising to hear Howard say that their routine was the best in the history of the show — I liked it a lot too, but take it easy, buddy. I also get the sense that he and Howie will come to blows on live TV before the season ends; Howard’s been pretty relentless about making everything a personal judge-off with him.

We then have a set from Tom Cotter, the runner-up comedian from last year’s competition. Lots of material about airplanes, but I won’t hold that against him, the guy’s pretty funny.


Ruby and Jonas

D’Angelo and Amanda advance to the semi-finals

Some tears from young Ruby here, though the siblings are still nicely supportive of each other. D’Angelo’s uncontrollable smile betrays the possibility that he might not feel as terrible as he says, but I can’t blame him.

That takes us down to the bottom three.




That leaves John Wing and Duo Resonance in the bottom two, with their fate decided by the judges after the break.

Heidi picks Duo Resonance

Howie picks John Wing

Mel B. picks John Wing

Howard picks John Wing

John Wing advances to the semi-finals

In a dramatic surprise move, however, Heidie picks her wildcard on the spot:

Heidi advances Duo Resonance to the semi-finals

And then there’s another surprise move:

Mel B. advances Tone Thechiefrocka to the semi-finals

It’s a move that’s equal parts funny and groan-worthy; I’ll start bracing myself for the indignant comments now.

Quite the turn of events here, particularly in the last couple minutes. Howie and Howard will announce their wildcards next week, and from there we get into the semi-finals.

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Ted Kindig

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