Clothes with a classic inspiration from Dior and Chanel, but updated with humor, extravagance and a twist. That’s what designer Chris March says he specializes in and will bring to season 4 of Project Runway.

His experience as a costume designer, with a client list including Madonna, Cirque du Soleil, Thierry Mugler certainly point to a talent for whimsy and style. But is his experience with over-the-top costumes the right kind for winning a competition like Project Runway? Tim Gunn wonders himself if Chris can rein himself in.

Tim has said of Chris: “He can infuse clothes with whimsy, some Schiaparelli-like wit. But where’s the line between fashion and costume?”

His success with costumes is undeniable. He’s been a part of America’s longest running show, “Beach Blanket Babylon,” and received a Drama Desk Award nomination in 2002 for “Christmas With the Crawfords.”

He’s become a go-to guy for any kind of unusual or outrageous costume, prop, hair or interior. The New York Times profiled his work to create a vegetable-themed fashion show for Wish-Bone as they rolled out their spray-on salad dressings. He also created a lavishly “be-dazzled” limited edition jar of Vaseline.

However, don’t think all this whimsy – or his ready laugh in his Bravo interview – mean he’s not looking to compete. He’s been at this for a while – saying he got his start in kindergarten or maybe even before – and, unlike some of the other contestants, he’s thrilled to be leaving behind his own life for a little bit, and ready to work with the focus afforded by the closed-off lifestyle of the Project Runway contestant.

And when asked whose career path he would most like to emulate, he has a ready response – John Galliano – and says he would “kill him and take his job” if he could. Obviously, this was a bit of humorous hyperbole from this over-the-top designer, nevertheless…it shows that underneath that jaunty leopard print top might beat the heart of a ferocious competitor. If he can bring the kind of taste and style that the Project runway judges generally look for, he might have the overall experience to be a real contender.

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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