Jesse Metcalfe as John Rowland

John Rowland is played by Jesse Metcalfe in the television series, Desperate Housewives. Although not a resident of Wisteria Lane, John Rowland spent many afternoons in the suburban neighborhood as the Solis’ personal gardener. Because Carlos Solis spent most of his time working, his wife, Gabrielle, was often left home alone. Fed up with her boredom and loneliness, Gabrielle successfully seduced John, unbeknownst to Carlos. There were many instances when their affair was almost made known to the public, including the time when Carlos’ mother, Juanita, dropped by for a visit. However, before Juanita could tell Carlos about Gabrielle and John, Juanita was struck by a car (driven by Andrew Van de Kamp) and rendered comatose (she eventually died at the hospital).

Although it was clear that Gabrielle was not serious about the relationship, John quickly fell in love with the beautiful housewife. He pursued her rigorously and acted like a normal teenage boyfriend. He was extremely jealous of Carlos, and tried desperately to convince Gabrielle to leave her husband. Throughout the course of their relationship, John would become more and more attached to Gabrielle, especially when he found out that the baby Gabrielle was carrying might be his. Even when his own mother, Helen, discovered about the affair and ordered him to stop working for the Solis’, John continued his relationship with Gabrielle and eventually proposed to her. Gabrielle turned down his proposal, and shortly thereafter, John appeared at Carlos’ assault trial (Carlos had beaten up John’s gay friend, Justin, thinking it was Justin who had been having an affair with Gabrielle) and revealed the truth about his affair with Gabrielle. Subsequently, Gabrielle broke up with John for good.

After his relationship with Gabrielle came to an end, John went on to pursue other married women. Some time later, he got engaged and married to Tammy Sinclair, daughter of the wealthy Sinclair Hotel mogul, and is the successful owner of a gardening company.

(Photo courtesy of ABC)

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