Marcia Cross as Bree Hodge

Bree Hodge (formerly Bree Van de Kamp), on the television series Desperate Housewives, is played by Marcia Cross. Bree is known for her obsession for perfection, order and cleanliness. She has worked hard in showing everybody that she is the ultimate housemaker, wife and mother, but ironically, she as failed to convince her own family. Despite her sincere intention to properly raise her two troublesome children, Andrew and Danielle, Bree has often been met by disrespect and misunderstanding.

Bree was also deeply in love with her first husband, Rex, but her overly calculated ways and stressful demands caused a lot of problems in their marriage. Her coldness and uptight behavior also made her quite indifferent to Rex’ needs, and eventually, Rex was driven to the arms of Wisteria Lane’s known call girl, Maisy Gibbons. During one of Rex’ sessions with Maisy, he suffered a heart attack, and was subsequently taken to the hospital. Bree then found out about his affair with Maisy, and decided to get back at him by dating George, the local pharmacist. After some time, Rex approached George and told him to stop seeing Bree, and thereafter, Bree and Rex decided to work on their relationship. George, fueled by jealousy, began to tamper with Rex’ medication, unbeknownst to both Bree and Rex.

After Rex died from the tampered medication, Bree managed to pull herself together and tried her best continue on with the façade of “the perfect housewife.” However, she continued to encounter difficulty with her children, especially with Andrew, who decided to make things harder for Bree after her unpleasant response to his homosexuality. She has also gotten involved with some men after Rex’ death, including her AA mentor, who also happened to be a bi-curious sex addict. She was also engaged to George at one point, but broke off their engagement when he proved to be unstable (she later found out about his participation in Rex’ death, and subsequently watched him die from an overdose). Bree also married Orson Hodge, despite his possible involvement with his previous wife’s murder.

(Photo courtesy of ABC)

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