After the finale of season 3 of Top Chef, our BuddyTV comment sections were full of debate about the merits of one chef’s talents versus another, and whether or not Hung Huynh truly deserved to win. Unfortunately, everybody except those present at that final meal were missing one key detail: what the food actually tasted like. Well, for now, there aren’t any plans to stage nationwide recreations featuring all of the participants, but at the least, you can at least sample the winning contestant’s meal.

Hung Huynh was frequently praised for his technical know-how but also criticized for not moving past that precision. However, he seemed to hit his stride in the final challenge of Top Chef. Want to know what that tasted like? Now you can taste it for yourself next time you are in Las Vegas.

Hung has been working at Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesar’s Palace as a sous chef, but previously, it would have been well-nigh impossible for a patron to appreciate more than just his execution of the executive chef’s menu.

Since his win of Top Chef, though, the restaurant has actually added his complete final challenge four-course meal to the menu of Guy Savoy’s Bubbles Bar, a new venture with a more casual and less pricey atmosphere, complete with a communal table and smaller portions made for sharing.

Guy Savoy’s son and restaurant general manager, Frank Savoy, “My father prides himself in sharing his passion and nurturing rising star chefs…We are excited, but not surprised, to have one of our own rise to the top and win this competition.”

The menu includes all four courses from the show. It starts with hamachi, potato chips, tomato vinaigrette & olive oil powder; continues with a second course of prawns with a palm sugar-coconut glaze, cucumber radish salad and ocean-scented rice; moves on to the third course of duck with truffle-scented broth and mushroom ragout; and finishes with the chocolate cake with raspberry and nougatine tuile.

If you’re on a budget, avoiding sweets, or agree with the judges that his concept for a dessert was out of line with the rest of the meal, no worries. You can either pay $130 for all four, or save ten and skip the dessert.

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Jaunted, Gayot
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Staff Columnist, BuddyTV