With only five designers left on Project Runway: All Stars, the competition is definitely getting more intense. Let’s see who makes it one step closer to the finale.

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The designers meet Georgina and Alyssa at Marchesa to find out about their next challenge. They introduce them to Dana, a bride-to-be who is getting married tomorrow on the runway and Alyssa will be officiating the wedding. She already has a lovely ballgown dress, but she needs dresses for her bridesmaids.

The designers have one day and $150 to design a looks for Dana’s bridesmaids. Whoever wins the challenge will also win glassware and china by Marchesa as well as a Marchesa diamond ring and a front row seat to their next fashion show.

Dana’s color palette is deep navy, plum and fuchsia so the designers use that to inspire what they’ll buy at Mood.

Always a Bridesmaid

Helen is used to bridal, but it’s usually the bride she’s dressing. She knows she wants to make a beautiful dress, but she doesn’t want her bridesmaid to outshine the bride. She’s working with a navy dress and is going to use lace and applique to make it look more Marchesa.

It’s Michelle’s intention to make her bridesmaid dress all about romance. She’s working in a plum color and she’s piecing individual pieces of her fabric together to give the dress added shape. She has fit issues with her bridesmaid the day of the runway and she’s worried she doesn’t have time to make the major alterations that it needs.

Fabio’s making a fitted dress with an organza skirt that flounces away from the body. In the workroom he regrets choosing the organza because it’s not easy to structure. Zanna tells him that he’s an impeccable designer, but sometimes his looks don’t translate to the runway so he needs to up the drama.

Once again Sonjia decides not to sketch anything before going to Mood. But she finds purple silk and jersey that she thinks she can work with. She tries to drape something but the stress of the competition is getting to her. She has a breakdown where she cries at lunch because she just feels so much pressure to make something good every week.

Her fellow designers encourage her to take a step away to gather herself. After an encouraging critique from Zanna (and Edward Chapman of Marchesa), she drapes her way into a dress she feels confident enough to show on the runway. She also gets a little help from Fabio, who gives her some leftover trim he had.

Dmitry is making a navy dress with silk jersey and a black silk neck piece that connects to the bodice. Helen points out that it bares a striking resemblance to the dress Dana wore when they had their consultation with her at Marchesa.

Dmitry comments on how all of the designers left are the best of the bunch and it’s hard to tell now who will be going home next. He has a good point. Until now, you could definitely pick out the weaker designers. Now it seems any of them could win it.

Walking Down the Aisle

Joining Alyssa, Georgina and Isaac on the runway this week is So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley. I’m sure she’ll have plenty to say about all of the colorful frocks on the runway tonight.


Helen- Cat thinks the dress is very flattering and Georgina agrees but she says she wanted more drama. Alyssa says it looks a little old and Isaac commends her for being tasteful, if a bit too conservative.

Sonjia- Georgina is conflicted about the dress because it’s interesting but there are a lot of flaws in the drapery. Cat doesn’t think it works but it’s Alyssa’s favorite look of the night.


Dmitry- The judges are all disappointed with Dmitry’s look this week, especially after they thought he’d do so well in this challenge. Isaac thinks the drapery and the collar are unattractive. Georgina says there’s nothing new about this dress and it’s offensively dull. Cat likes it but only because his bridesmaid really worked it on the runway.

Michelle- The first problem the judges notice about Michelle’s dress is the weird fit issues. Isaac also says it needs to be shorter. Georgina appreciates what Michelle was going for and her creativity, but Alyssa thinks it looks like a costume.

Fabio- Alyssa likes that it’s a departure for him but it has its flaws. She thinks the sleeves have a weird proportion and the hem is a mess. Georgina scolds him for using the organza when he should know better. Cat likes the shoulder but Isaac says that he once again is not living up to his potential.

Helen is the winner and she’s thrilled to have won the Marchesa challenge. It is a pretty good one to win for a gown designer.

Fabio and Michelle are in the bottom two. It seems that Fabio has run out of chances (even though Michelle has been in the bottom several times as well) because the judges send him home. Fabio’s sad to be gone because he loves being in that room inspired by all of those creative people. It’s a bummer to see him go, but his work has not been great the last few challenges so it’s an understandable decision.

Alyssa officiates the first ever Project Runway wedding, and it’s a bit awkward. But there is confetti when they walk the runway, so that’s cool I guess.

Next week is the part one of the season finale! Who will make it to the final three?

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