We’ve made it! We’ve come to the season 7 finale of The Voice. That went fast! Last night, we saw the Top 4 — Chris Jamison, Craig Wayne Boyd, Damien and Matt McAndrew — perform a solo cover, a duet with their coach and an original song in the hopes of becoming The Voice. So who will win season 7 of The Voice? My money’s on Matt McAndrew. He’s been a fan-favorite week after week and has this unique vibe. But who knows? It could be anybody’s game.

And it should be a really fun night. Ed Sheeran, Hozier, Bruno Mars, Jennifer Hudson, Fall Out Boy, and Lynyrd Skynyrd are all going to perform. So let’s get to it. This is The Voice!

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A Look Back

And here we are. First, we take a look back at last night’s performances. There were some really amazing performances, but I thought the duets with the coaches were especially exciting. And all of their debut original songs hit the top 10 and every song made it into the top 50. It was unprecedented. But whose performance won him the top spot on The Voice

The Top 20 Perform “Pompeii”

First, the Top 20 reunite to perform the song “Pompeii.” I really love this song and it’s great to see them all together. I love how they all come together on stage and I think they do an amazing job. Then, of course, they all move towards the back of the stage so the Top 4 can be in the spotlight, which is a nice touch.

Checking in with the Coaches

Carson checks in with the coaches. Adam has three finalists tonight. He says they were amazing listeners and he’s really proud. Gwen says that she’s still trying to wrap her head around this whole thing and that she loved being here, while Pharrell says that everyone’s going to go home at some point, but they can use the show as a platform for their next step. Blake, meanwhile, says that Craig did everything that he could do and he’s really nervous.

Craig Wayne Boyd Performs “Keep Your Hands to Yourself”

Craig Wayne Boyd‘s bringing DaNica, Sugar and Taylor back for his performance. They all have enough sass for the song. DaNica was a shoulder for him, Sugar gave an amazing performance of “I Say a Little Prayer” and he and Taylor had some unique moments on Team Blake. They perform “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” and I think he made a great choice. They’re perfect for this song. And it’s a really fun performance. Craig was always one of the strongest artists this season.

Favorite Moments

Last week, they asked for viewers to vote for some favorite moments. They show the best “Shevine” moment, which is cute. I always love Adam and Blake’s banter. And the best artist reaction was “Elyjuh Freakout,” which is funny.

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Hozier Performs “Take Me to Church”

Hozier performs “Take Me to Church.” He was actually just nominated for a Grammy for Song of the Year, and I totally get why. I really love this song. I think it’s so intense and dramatic. It’s really beautiful. And the performance is really intense too. I think he does a really good job.

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Chris Jamison Performs “Dedication to My Ex”

Chris Jamison brings Luke Wade, Ricky Manning, Taylor Phelan and Ryan Sill back for his performance of “Dedication to My Ex.” Luke really put everything into the audience, Ricky’s voice was so emotional, Taylor had some captivating moves on stage and Ryan never hit a bad note and had such charm. He always got serious after a performance. Chris says they’ve become a family and he loves that he’s sharing this with them.

And their performance is so much fun. With flashing lights and dancers in gold, it’s really big and flashy. It’s clear that they’re having a lot of fun together, which just makes the performance even better.

Matt McAndrew and Fall Out Boy Perform “Centuries”

Adam invited Fall Out Boy to come by this season, and now Matt McAndrew’s performing “Centuries” with them, which is so exciting. And they’re so good together because he totally has that rocker vibe to him. They give a really intense, energetic, memorable performance.

Pharrell is Yoda

They give a little look back at Pharrell and his words of wisdom, which is pretty cute and funny. He’s “like a Yoda, a sphere of positivity,” according to Adam. Gwen says he “penetrates people with his wisdom.” He couldn’t watch it, though. He was cracking up.

Bryana, DaNica, Jean, Mia and Sugar Perform “Bang Bang”

Bryana, DaNica, Jean, Mia and Sugar come together to perform “Bang Bang.” They all have such powerful voices and they really do the song justice.

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Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars Perform “Uptown Funk”

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars perform their collaboration, “Uptown Funk.” I can’t believe I haven’t heard this song before. I think Bruno Mars is incredible. And the song is so big and easy to get into. They’re all such amazing performers that they just draw you in. This has to be my favorite performance of the night so far. It’s amazing.

Holiday Surprise

The finalists decided to give back and perform for the fans for the holidays earlier, which was so sweet.They also met with fans and signed some autographs. “Today, my heart is full of joy. I’m so grateful,” Damien says. But then they got a surprise. They all got a brand new car. Well, that’s a sweet deal. Chris is happy he doesn’t have to share with his siblings anymore and Craig is excited to have a backseat. Matt sold his truck, so he’s excited to have a car. Also, red thumb day is today. So, drive safely.

Craig Wayne Boyd and Lynyrd Skynyrd Perform “Sweet Home Alabama”

Craig Wayne Boys is performing “Sweet Home Alabama” with one of his favorite bands: Lynryd Skynyrd. That must be such a cool experience for him. And “Sweet Home Alabama” is such an iconic song. Craig gets really into it and gets the audience singing along. They do an amazing job. Blake even stands up for them.

Meghan Trainor Performs “Lips Are Moving”

Meghan Trainor performs her new single, “Lips Are Moving.” She’s been nominated for two Grammys. And that song is just way too catchy. I like the giant mouth in the middle of the stage too.

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Adam Levine: The Musical

They take a look back at Adam from this season and how he’s really just a musical theater nerd, though he didn’t appreciate Taylor Swift singing Rent. He does love showtunes and dances, though. He could have a career on Broadway. His one-man musical would be called Look at Me (It’s All About Me) according to Blake. Adam’s super embarrassed.

Damien and Jennifer Hudson Perform “It’s Your World”

Damien performs “It’s Your World” with the amazing Jennifer Hudson. She is unbelievable and I’m so glad that she’s singing with Damien. He’s insanely talented and their voices are absolutely perfect together.

A Look Back at Gwen Stefani

Next, we take a look back at Gwen. Gwen was a really grounded presence on the show, but she’s so intense when she performs. She’s a “tiger” and a “panther hunting down an antelope” according to Pharrell and Blake. And, of course, she has an amazing style and loves to talk about fashion.

Ed Sheeran Performs “Thinking Out Loud”

Ed Sheeran, who has also been nominated for Grammys and was a Voice adviser, takes to the stage to perform “Thinking Out Loud.” I really like Sheeran and “Thinking Out Loud” is such a pretty and emotional song. Then he thanks the crowd.

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Matt McAndrew Performs “Go Your Own Way”

Matt brings Taylor Phelan, Mia Pfirrman, Taylor John Williams and Sugar Joans to perform “Go Your Own Way.” He had a bromance with Taylor Phelan and became friends with Mia. He loved Taylor John Williams’ “Royals” performance and would pick him to be in a group with, and he always wanted to perform with Sugar. It’s like one big family band. I love the song “Go Your Own Way,” and the performance does have a family band feel to it. They all just seem really close.

Damien Performs “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

Damien picked Anita, Elyjuh and DaNica to come back to sing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” because they all have a similar style. He’s friends with Anita, and Elyjuh puts everything he has into his performances. He’s amazing at 18. And DaNica has so much soul and an incredible voice. This is such a great song for them and they have amazing chemistry.

Chris Jamison and Jessie J Perform “Masterpiece”

Chris Jamison and Jessie J perform her new song, “Masterpiece.” It’s really intense. I like how she calls him out to sing during the song. I haven’t heard this song before, but I actually really like it and I really like them together. They just seem to get along. They keep looking at each other and giving each other high fives and hugging. The coaches even stand up for them. “That’s what The Voice finale is all about,” Carson says.

MC Blakey Blake

They take a look back at Blake Shelton, except they turn it into an MC Hammer “U Can’t Touch This” rap. It’s insane.

The Coaches Perform “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

The coaches all get together to perform “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” which is really sweet. They even have fake snow and everything. And Gwen looks fantastic. The crowd goes wild.

And the Winner Is…

And finally it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve finally made it to the big reveal. Who has won season 7 of The Voice?

And in fourth place (big pause for suspense) is Damien. He’s so talented, but I saw that coming. Chris is in third place. So it’s between Matt McAndrew and Craig Wayne Boyd, which is what I thought it would be.

And the winner is Craig Wayne Boyd!

I really thought it was going to be Matt, but I’m so happy for Craig! Blake is so excited, and Craig’s crying. Carson calls him the underdog, but he totally deserved it.

Craig Wayne Boyd Performs “My Baby’s Got a Smile On Her Face”

Craig Wayne Boyd performs “My Baby’s Got a Smile On Her Face” with his family on the stage and confetti flying. It’s so exciting. Craig totally deserves this win.

The Voice season 8 premieres Monday, February 23, 2015, at 8pm on NBC.

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