We’re getting down to the wire here in season 7 of The Voice. Tonight, we’ll meet our Top 3 artists from the Top 5. Damien, Craig Wayne Boyd, Taylor John Williams, Matt McAndrew and Chris Jamison are all anxiously waiting to see if they made it. Who will be in the Top 3? My guess? Matt McAndrew and Craig Wayne Boyd will definitely be in the Top 3. I’m a little unsure who the last one will be, but Dean Bextor predicts that Chris Jamison will be in there too. I really like Taylor John Williams, though, but there’s always the Wild Card spot.

'The Voice' Results: The Top 3 Revealed

Also tonight, eliminated contestants from the Top 12 will battle it out for the coveted fourth spot. Who do you think will claim the Wild Card spot?

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Top 3 Revealed

And we’re getting right down to business. After showing a recap of last night’s performances and explaining the Wild Card, Carson announces the Top 3 finalists. And big pause for suspense…

Result: Chris Jamison from Team Adam is safe!

Result: Craig Wayne Boyd from Team Blake is safe!

Result: Matt McAndrew from Team Adam is safe!

So, now Damien and Taylor John Williams will join the rest of the eliminated Top 12 artists to earn the Wild Card spot.

Wild Card

Carson talks a little bit about voting. For the first time in the show’s history, nine eliminated artists will battle it out. Voting is open now on the Voice app and others will open at the end of the show. Voting closes at 3am Eastern Time, which is shorter than normal. Carson will reveal the fourth finalist on the Today show tomorrow morning.

Reagan James Performs “Put Your Records On”

Team Blake’s Reagan James sings “Put Your Records On” to try to get the Wild Card spot. She definitely has a unique voice, and I thought she was a real frontrunner for a long time. I was so sad to see her go. Pharrell says it was “magical” while Blake says that he’s still “totally blown away” that she’s only 16, which is so true. She has amazing control and confidence.

Jessie Pitts Performs “Zombie”

Jessie Pitts, also from Team Blake, performs the song “Zombie” for her chance at the Wild Card. Gwen’s really into it. She calls her an angel and says the song was great for her. Blake says she’s important to music because she’s an inventor, a writer and she doesn’t sound like anyone else. Taylor Swift even said she was her favorite voice on The Voice.

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Starbucks Promo

Before they get to the next performance, Carson talks about Starbucks and calls someone to surprise them and tell them that they won Starbucks for life and tickets to The Voice finale. It seems a little out of place to me, but it’s nice, I guess. 

Ryan Sill Performs “Marry Me”

Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill beautifully performs “Marry Me” for the Wild Card. And he totally plays to the crowd and even grabs a woman’s hand. Ryan’s been in this position a few times before. He’s been saved three times. Adam says that the woman would totally marry him and that he has such a beautiful voice. Blake loves his naturally high voice and thinks his performance was beautiful. Gwen loves when he sings to her and pleads to America to save him.

Anita Antoinette Performs “Waiting on the World to Change”

Anita Antoinette from Team Gwen performs “Waiting on the World to Change.” And she kills it. The crowd goes wild. She’s been through such a big journey on The Voice and she totally deserves it. Adam says he loves how she was all business as soon as she came in. “She seems like a woman possessed,” he says. And then she did that crazy jazz run. Gwen says she’s such a beautiful person because she used this opportunity to lift the world instead of herself since she chose this song because she wanted to send this message to the world. Okay. I’m sold.

Taylor John Williams Performs “Wicked Game”

Taylor John Williams from Team Gwen performs the song “Wicked Game.” I think he does an amazing job. Blake says that he always changes stuff up and he didn’t see the melody change coming. He wasn’t even sure it could work, but it totally did. Pharrell completely agrees and says he’s a real artist. It seems like he made music in the ’70s. Gwen agrees too and says that he connects with so many people, so she thinks he’s going to make it.

Damien Performs “Grenade”

Damien from Team Adam gives an insane performance of “Grenade.” Pharrell says it’s intense and that his control is scary. It’s real soul singing. Gwen says she’s amazed by his ability to be so real. Even his face is amazing when he performs. Adam says that the fourth spot belongs to Damien. You’re insane if you don’t agree. He sings beautifully and with so much passion and technicality.

Sugar Joans Performs “Back to Black”

Team Pharrell’s Sugar Joans performs “Back to Black.” I forgot what a strong voice she has. Gwen loves the song she picked and Blake says Sugar just made the competition so much harder for everyone else. It felt like the first time they ever heard her. Pharrell completely agrees. A whole world of soul comes out of her mouth and she captivates everyone.

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Luke Wade Performs “Have a Little Faith in Me”

Luke Wade from Team Pharrell performs “Have a Little Faith in Me.” Adam says Luke seemed a little lost for a minute, but he found himself again. He dug so deep for this performance. Blake says that Pharrell’s team is bringing it. He’s so happy to see Luke back in control. Pharrell says he definitely found himself and he wants America to vote him back and everyone in Texas should bring him back. He talks about how his team is original.

DaNica Shirey Performs “Without You”

Team Pharrell’s DaNica Shirey gives an amazing performance of “Without You.” Wow. This is a really tough call. Pharrell just wants everyone to stand up for her. He doesn’t even say anything for a while. He just wants her to hear the crowd going wild. “That’s the sound of America voting you back,” he says.

The Finals

Next week will be the finals. Chris Jamison, Craig Wayne Boyd and Matt McAndrew will be joined by a fourth artist to battle it out. Who do you think will make it? 

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC. 

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