Prison Break left us with some puzzling ideas about what sort of plot season three might have.  On one hand, mysterious military scientists are keeping a close eye on the Michael situations, with an eerie expectation of what he will do.  Is Prison Break going to be adopting a quasi SciFi slant?  On the other hand, Mahone, alive and not so well in the head, is in the same Prison as Michael, as is Bellick, whose name isn’t Bellick anymore but still starts with a B.  So where are they going with all this?  Prison Break producers are beginning to drop hints, but its going to be a long long time before we know for sure.

For starters, there is talk that the title might change.  But with the ending, that seems unlikely.  Also, rumors are, currently, that Michael’s stay in the dangerous new locale of Sona won’t be short lived at all.  This implies a still semi-split band of characters.  Linc, Sarah, and whatever new baddies are on the outside (in addition to T-Bag), and Michael, Mahone, and Bellick who are now on the inside.  Will the mysterious watchers in lab coats become yet another dimensions in this plot?  It would seem likely they would be stored for future use  since they hint at a larger reveal of the bankable variety.

Linc will no doubt hook up with Sarah at some point, a point at which she is going to have to convince Linc she didn’t turn on Michael to save her own skin, and Linc is going to have to figure out how to bust Michael out of the Panamanian death trap of a prison. 

In terms of the characters being spread out all over the place, Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring hinted to Reuters that we will see a group like dynamic form yet again. “It essentially will be a new chapter, it’s going to return to the fundamental conceit, to the roots of what the show was about. They got scattered in the winds — their stories became separate and defused. They will come back together again. Their conflicts and interactions will return.”

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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