If you’ve been watching our 24 Spoilers coverage,  you know the game is going to change dramatically later this season when a familiar face reappears.  Now we have new information that the emergence of this much loved 24 regular is going to put Jack in a vicariously dangerous position yet again.  To learn the startling details, and complete spoil a highly guarded 24 season six plot line, just keep on reading.

In case you missed the previous updates,  Jack will learn later this season that Audrey is in fact alive.  The Chinese agent who has her, and third leg baddie, Mr. Cheng will be looking to work a deal with Jack involving the suit-case nukes, which by this time will be out of the terrorists hands.

It seems the nukes contain a chip that contains a code that can allow the Chinese to crack a certain Russian code.  Mr. Cheng wants this chip in exchange for Audrey.  Now, the wrinkle is, if the Russians knew that the CTU provided the Chinese with this information, World War Three would officially commence. So Jack comes up with a plan.  The only way to get Audrey to safety and ensure that the Chinese don’t walk away with the chip is to sacrifice himself.

Okay, so I admit, Jack agreeing to sacrifice himself isn’t exactly front page news, but here is how it is ‘supposed’ to go down.  Jack will rig himself with enough C4 to vaporise himself, Cheng, and the chip, waiting until Audrey is a safe distance away to detonate it.

Of course, nothing is going to go as planned.  The only person who knows that Jack is going to sacrifice himself will be out of the game before they can tip off the rest of CTU to his plan, so naturally it is going to look like Jack is going rogue just to save Audrey at the expense of world security;  he does to these things all the time after all.

These events will transpire around hour 19.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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