It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an all-new Gilmore Girls and the show won’t be back until April 17th.  I’ve had time to ponder whether the series should continue, and if it doesn’t, what the fate of one of my favorite on screen couples will be.  There are two areas of speculation, the first being that the series will come to an end this year and the second leaving open the possibility of an 8th season.  Given these two scenarios, what is going to happen between Rory and Logan?

It’s been such a rollercoaster between the two of them.  From being together, to taking a break, to Logan’s fooling around, to Rory moving in and then out, these two have had quite a ride.  So what does their future hold?  Let’s say that (cringe) this year brings a Series Finale.  Should they get married?  Would that be a sense of closure for the show, for fans, for their relationship?  Or do they part ways, realizing that they are, in fact, too young for marriage and can’t see their relationship progressing.  I think, worst-case scenario, we are left hanging with the same ongoing romance that we have at the moment: good Logan vs. bad Logan, forgiving Rory vs. angry Rory.

And if we get a Season 8?  Well at least they’d be older.  Let’s not forget that Rory will be a recent graduate and that even them moving in together seemed like a pretty big step for two college students.  There would obviously be more time to play with, given another year or more, but would that be a positive or negative influence on their relationship?  With Rory moving into the business world, there is a big chance that she might be moving away from Logan.  Will we go back to following just her storyline or will they continue to have one together as they did when Logan went to London.

Whether it all comes to an end this year or whether there is another season, I do think that Logan and Rory should be in it for the long haul.  Despite their rocky history, they seem to make everything work.  While it might be too fairytale for them to get married, I would hope to have some sort of progression of their relationship as we get into these last episodes.  Whatever the future holds for Gilmore Girls, I hope that there is something exciting in store for this on screen couple!

-Cameron Curtis, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Cameron Curtis

Staff Writer, BuddyTV