Will Prison Break go in a whole new direction next season? Rumour has it that season three might bring the show back with a new plot and a new cast line-up, and most intriguing, possibly a new name.  

Prison Break
creator Paul Scheuring promises that eighty or ninety percent of the current storylines will be completely wrapped up by the end of this second season, and that they’re going to “re-invent” the series once again, taking it in yet another direction.

New characters, such as a love interest for one of the current escapees, have been hinted at, and Dominic Purcell told E!Online’s Kristin Veitch recently that “the cast is getting smaller.” Kristin claims this means someone is going to die before the end of the season.

“The only thing I will say at this stage is that it will be a much more stripped-down, brutal, violent version of the show than we’ve seen in the past,” said Scheuring. “Seasons one and two will seem tame in comparison.”

While Prison Break hasn’t technically been renewed for a third season, Scheuring says Fox has been “champing at the bit” for more episodes. While the show was actually originally designed to have only two seasons, their ratings success has prompted the show-runners to re-think their original vision. Rumour has it that they may consider re-naming the show as well; after all, the prison break itself is long over with.

“We’ve morphed the show again,” says Scheuring, “allowing the original story to largely play itself out as originally conceived, but then move on to a next ‘chapter’.”

The next season, if officially greenlit, probably won’t start up until at least the end of August after a nearly-five-month summer break.

Would renaming the show hurt or help? After all, they’re already doing really well. Why mess with a good thing?

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Sources: E!Online, DigitalSpy
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