The trial of Gaius Baltar alone would make the Battlestar Galactica finale interesting, but that is hardly all that is going on in the second part of the season closer.  Next week concludes the trial, and the finale, and you can already see that some very intriguing threads have been set up here, which is, of course, par for the course with Battlestar Galactica.  Deceit, switching of allegiances, relationships falling apart, the tenuous nature of justice on the run, and, yes, Cylons are all a big part of Battlestar Galactica season three’s swan song.  Oh, and speaking of songs… is that ‘All along the Watchtower’ I hear coming out of Galactica’s walls?  Read on for the low down.

The episode begins with Baltar receiving a visitor, a young girl impersonating a reporter.  She has a picture of her son, he is sick, and she believes Baltar can heal him.  Baltar ejects her, but keeps the picture anyways.  A brief discussion with his inner six reveals that Baltar has had a few similar visits and a lot of letters.  Seems Baltar has a little cult forming around him.

The fleet has taken to the practice of leaving a scout behind a jump to watch for Cyclon’s and this time around it pays off.  The fleet is indeed being followed by three base stars and a frak load of raiders.  How are they able to track the fleet?  Roslin suggests they ask the Six they have on board.  Tigh gets the honors,  a task he approaches sardonically.  Much to his surprise the Six reveals that the Cylons figured out how to trace their fuel ship because it leaves a tell tale signature when it jumps.  The Six then begins to dig into Tigh about his wife, which results in an exchange of blows.

The song I mentioned… color me crazy, but it seems that Troy, Tigh, and Anders are hearing something nobody else is hearing and it sounds like a few bars of Dylan’s ‘All Along the Watchtower’.  (Or maybe I’ve been reading too many spoilers, who knows!)

The trial is exactly what you think it will be.  Tigh gets grilled about having to kill his wife and his drinking problems.  Later the elder Adama takes exception with Lee’s support of this tactic resulting in Lee’s resigning from the military.   Heck, even dee dumps him for his steadfast support of Baltar’s right to a fair trial.  Next round Lee winds up grilling Roslin,  confronting her over the hallucinogenic root she used to combat the pain of her cancer.  She reveals she is not only using it again, but her cancer is back.

As far as segmented episodes go,  it ends jarringly with Tigh listening for his special music.  Not much of a cliff hanger, clearly the episode would have worked as one two hour piece, but that said the finale is definitely off to an awesome start and I, for one, am extremely intrigued to see where it will end up next week.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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