Prison Break spoilers?  Already?  Yes!  Since season 3 ended back in February, the season 4 details have come rolling in slowly but surely.  This week, Prison Break released its season 4 trailer and it’s not much of a surprised that it focused on Michael’s destructive path as he vows revenge on The Company for killing the people he loved most.  The show has added several new characters that will be integral parts of that storyline from government agents to assassins to hackers.  After waiting several weeks to find out who will fill the role of the hacker, FOX finally came clean and gave us some dirt on new characters and season 4 plotlines.


James Hiroyuki Liao will be joining the cast of Prison Break as Roland Glenn, a computer hacker who joins forces with Michael and Lincoln.  FOX revealed that Roland will land in hot water with the brothers since his mouth tends to get him in trouble.  This is Liao’s first big television role, as he has only appeared in guest spots on CSI and Law and Order.  Sasha Alexander is also joining the show as Shannon Anderson.  So far, her character as only listed as appearing in the first episode and her part in the storyline remains known.  Anderson is perhaps best known for playing Pacey’s sister on Dawson’s Creek.

A Prison Break fansite recently posted several spoilers that should have fans counting down the minutes until the season 4 premiere date, September 1.  One has to wonder what kind of prison Panama is running since, at some point, Sucre and T-Bag make it out.  In the season 4 trailer, Michael points a gun at someone and says, “This is for Sara.”  A source close to the show says that he is pointing it at a character we’ve already seen but that person walks away unharmed.  LJ remains unharmed in the early part of the season but is not part of Michael’s A-Team, who joins forces to go up against The Company.  And for those dying for that Michael/Sara reunion, the source says it comes early on, in episode 3.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: FOX, Prison Break Manhunt
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