Rubela haters, your wishes have been granted.  In the penultimate episode of Supernatural‘s third season, Bela (Lauren Cohan) was dragged off to Hell after revealing that she had sold her soul to evil demon leader Lilith.  It was a brutal, shocking exit for a character that most fans weren’t particularly fond of.  Now, in a recent interview with TV Guide series creator Eric Kripke has revealed that viewers have also seen the last of Ruby (Katie Cassidy).  While Kripke admitted that getting rid of Bela was a creative decision, it appears that Ruby’s unceremonious exit is due to financial reasons.

Kripke commented to TV Guide about Cassidy’s exit, saying, “She’s great, but this was unfortunately a financial decision — purely budgetary, because creatively she was terrific.  I have nothing but great affection for Katie, and she was great for the show.  It was a very difficult business decision about the realities we are in.”

As I wrote in an article last week, Supernatural has always had trouble bringing female characters into the crazy world the Winchesters inhabit.  Kripke promises that there will still be females in the series, but they’ll likely be minor love interests, damsels in distress, or evil demons that need slaying.  While mentioning that the fourth season premiere will contain some bombshells that will “set the show off in a new direction,” Kripke added that he has some ideas on how to integrate new characters in unexpected ways.

Many fans, including myself, speculated that Ruby would play a big role in helping Dean (Jensen Ackles) escape from Hell.  Her fate was left up in the air after her violent run-in with Lilith in the season finale, but this news pretty much confirms that Ruby is dead and gone.  The character seemed to have a lot of interesting dimensions left to explore, and it’s a shame the Supernatural writers will have to abandon their plans for her.  Even a demon as powerful as Ruby can’t defeat the evil foe known as budgetary restrictions.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: TV Guide
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