Actress Michaela McManus, who is best known for playing Lindsey on the fifth season of One Tree Hill, didn’t have a particularly compelling role on the series.  Despite being engaged to lead character Lucas, Lindsey spent much of her screen time worrying that her fiance was in love with someone else.  She eventually called off the wedding and vowed never to give Lucas another chance, only to randomly return and declare her love for him in the season finale.  McManus brought a certain authority to the role, but she was never given much to do.

According to TV Guide, McManus will soon be moving on from the wacky love triangle shenanigans.  The actress recently landed a major role as the new assistant district attorney on Law & Order: SVU.

Not much is known about McManus’ character, but she will be following in the footsteps of actresses Diane Neal and Stephanie March when her ADA is assigned to the Special Victims Unit.  Will she be fierce and focused like Neal’s Casey Novak, or personable and empathetic like March’s Alex Cabot?  Whatever her character’s personality, it’s likely that McManus will have a more prominent role than she did on One Tree Hill.

While this announcement certainly adds an interesting dimension to Law & Order: SVU, it’s even bigger news for OTH fans.  The creator of the CW series, Mark Schwahn, has revealed that McManus will return for at least one episode in season 6.  This is somewhat necessary, especially since Lindsey played a major role in season 5’s romantic cliffhanger.  The season ender left viewers wondering who Lucas called and invited to Vegas for a quickie wedding, and though Lindsey was a possibility, this news makes it unlikely that she’ll stick around for long.

Law & Order: SVU will return to NBC sometime in the fall, while One Tree Hill premieres September 1 on the CW.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: TV Guide
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