While we sit on a hiatus from Prison Break, waiting for the new episodes to air starting in 2008, we have to find ways to pass the time.  There has been more blood shed on Prison Break that I can remember and there aren’t many characters I miss or would like to see come back.  The show has done a good job of keeping me glued to my television the last three seasons.  However, I wouldn’t mind a little Abruzzi back in my life and I’d kill for another scene with Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) in it.  I’m a fan of scenes with Mahone (William Fichtner) in them, too, but this break got me wondering which agent was better… or badder.  Take a look at their breakdown: Kellerman vs. Mahone and let us know which one you think reigns supreme!


In season two, Kellerman started to figure out that he wasn’t as important to the Vice-President as he had hoped.  Upon having this realization, he decided to start teaming up with Michael and Lincoln.  He helped capture Terrence Steadham but could not keep him alive long enough to show the police proof that he was still alive.  He gave his testimony at Sara’s trial in her favor but soon after, was found by gunmen who open fired into the van he was traveling in.  It is assumed that he is dead.


Mahone tried to leave his job behind in order to salvage his relationship with his son and estranged wife.  However, when an attempt is made on his son’s life, he is forced to stay with the agency in order to protect them.  Instead of killing C-Note, he makes a deal with him in exchange for information about Michael.  He takes C-Note into custody, ensuring that his wife and daughter will stay safe.


In season one, Kellerman made several attempts on Veronica’s life as well as Nick’s, before his fellow agents were successful.  In season two, he stalked Sara Tancredi by joining her support group, pretending to be an addict.  He tortures her, in an attempt to get information from her about her father and information he may have regarding the murder. 


Mahone has a strong addiction to prescription drugs, which he cannot live without.  When he enters Sona prison after Michael plants drugs on his escape boat, Mahone goes into serious withdrawal.  He agreed to work with Michael on finding a way out of the prison but bails out on them in exchange for his own freedom.  He is taken back to the states where he is instructed to give testimony against The Company.   Strung out from withdrawal, his testimony is considered no good and he is sent back to Panama.


In season one, Kellerman went right for the jugular to get to Lincoln, killing the mother of his son and her husband, then framed LJ for the killings.  He also killed Leticia Barris, whose boyfriend was involved in Lincoln’s framing and had information for Veronica.  Kellerman killed his partner, Agent Hale, after finding out that he had given information to Veronica that could exonerate Lincoln.


Mahone is the only agent to kill any members of The Fox River Eight.  He tracked down John Abruzzi first and shot him in cold blood.  He also captured Tweener and instead of bringing him back to jail, shot him at point blank range.  He chased Haywire atop a tower, then talked him into jumping and killing himself.  Mahone has caught up with Michael and Lincoln on several occasions, and shot their father, killing him, which Michael still has not forgiven him for.  In Sona, Mahone killed a new prisoner, Tyge, who claimed to know Whistler.

Which agent was your ultimate baddie?  Did we forget anything?  Is there anything you want to add?  Post your thoughts below and vote in our poll!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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