Fans of James Morrison will be happy to know that not only is he reprising his role on the new season of 24, his character, Bill Buchanan, just might get to see more action when the show returns next year.

“They tried it last year,” Morrison said, “and I didn’t blow it. I wound up being able to pilot a helicopter, which was a surprise to everybody, I think.  So I guess he figures we can do it again.”

Morrison said that his character can also do more than just fly a helicopter, although what exactly those skills are have “yet to be revealed.”

That said, James Morrison said Bill is more of a “lover, not a fighter,” which is why he won’t be packing that much heat next season.

“But I try to take the heat off of the guys who are packing the heat, let’s put it that way,” he added.

Morrison, 53, first joined the cast of 24 in 2005, appearing initially as a guest star.  He became a main cast member by the show’s fifth season.

The show wrapped its sixth season in May. Morrison has still been gracing the small screen, however, recently guest-starring in an episode of CBS’ Numb3rs.  On the show, he played FBI Senior Supervisory Agent Chris Federickson, who goes to Los Angeles when the murder suspects whom Don (Rob Morrow) and his team are investigating seem to be working with a gang that Frederickson’s force has been monitoring.

“I’ve always admired the show,” Morrison said, “and I like the guys working on it.  [Bill and Chris] are quite different, although philosophically, I guess they’ll both do what has to be done.”

His storyline did not require to him to interact with many of Numb3rs‘ cast members, including Peter MacNicol, who, incidentally, played presidential advisor Thomas Lennox on 24.

“I did run into Peter in the dressing room,” James Morrison said, “but we didn’t work together at 24 either, which is a shame, because I’ve always admired his work.  Lovely man.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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