Date Of Birth

January 24, 1979


Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester of the CW’s Supernatural is played by Jensen Ackles. Born on January 24, 1979, Dean is the elder son of John and Mary Winchester. When he was just a young boy, his mother, Mary was murdered by the Demon. He was raised by his father as a soldier of peace, warding off evil by hunting down demons and killing them. After the violent death of his mother, Dean honed his skills in fighting and using melee weapons, with the help of his father. Unlike his brother, Sam, he has a passion for demon hunting, and is ready to do anything to save his brother’s life.

When Dean was 26 years old, Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica Moore, was killed by the same demon who killed Dean and Sam’s mother. This, along with the disappearance of their father, sparked Sam’s interest in demon hunting. Dean teamed up with his brother to find their father, who frequently sent them letters with maps and notes indicating their next mission. Together, they battled a shapeshifter who caused a number of brutal murders in St. Louis, Missouri. In an encounter with the Demon who possessed their father, Dean was brainwashed by the scheming creature and was told that their father favored Sam over him. Dean retorted sarcastically, and the Demon tortured him until he pleaded for his father’s help. He became unconscious and Sam shot his father in the leg to release the Demon from his body. The three escaped, only to encounter a car crash when a demonically possessed truck driver rammed into the vehicle they were riding in.

The crash caused the death of Dean and Sam’s father, and Dean was disturbed at their father’s last words. Before he died, Dean’s father told him that the Demon had plans of making Sam into the Demon’s ally and soldier. Moreover, Sam had demon blood, and that their mother knew the Demon. Their father also said that if Sam could not be saved, then Sam must be killed.

The season 2 finale featured Dean trying to rescue Sam, who was stabbed by a soldier named Jake. Desperate, Dean made a deal with the crossroads demon to bring Sam back to life in exchange for Dean’s. The demon gave Dean just one more year to live, and then his soul would go to Hell. When Sam resurrected, he told Dean that he would do anything to get him out of the deal. To make things worse, hundreds of demons were unleashed after Dean killed the Demon and released his father’s soul. The brothers must go after them all and hunt them down one by one.

Place of Birth

Lawrence, Kansas

Birth Name

Dean Winchester



Fun Facts

Dean is afraid of flying.






Dude, you fugly.

I usually like to be warned before I’m violated with demon tongue.

Demons I understand, humans are crazy

I’m Batman.

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son of a b**ch


Bring me some pie !


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