If you’re a fan of Prison Break and you’re from Texas, you’re in luck! The cast was filming in downtown Arlington this week for an upcoming episode in January. If you’re not a fan of Prison Break and you’re from Texas, then you may have had some long commutes to and from work. While the show filmed this past Tuesday, traffic was diverted around the downtown area, which was shut down for filming.  Citizens were warned that any gunfire they heard was just the sound of prop guns shooting blanks.  It seems Prison Break is coming back in full force in just a few more weeks!

While the Prison Break stars were in town, some enjoyed the Texas nightlife. Earlier in the week, William Fichtner, who plays Agent Mahone, headed out for a birthday celebration. He celebrated his 51st birthday with Mary Collings, the Texas-based chiropractor to the stars, who also had a birthday that week. Friends of Fichtner’s also joined him at Al Biernat’s restaurant in Dallas.

The fans came out in droves to try to catch a glimpse of the stars while filming and maybe get some hints about upcoming plots. The photos posted on various Prison Break fan sites show Michael (Wentworth Miller), Lincoln (Dominic Purcell), and Whistler (Chris Vance) roaming the city streets. In one photo, Whistler is on the run, perhaps from The Company.

Another photo shows a woman we have not seen before getting her makeup touched up. She could be an extra or perhaps Molly, a new character joining the show with her own spinoff in the works. Michael looks over a Panama City brochure containing a guide to the city. It seems the men haven’t made their way too far from Sona just yet.

Prison Break is back in January with five new episodes. The show went on an early hiatus this month due to the ongoing WGA strike. The show will pick up where it last left off – with Michael being taken out of Sona and placed in solitary confinement. He’ll have to talk his way out of this delicate situation. Prison Break returns January 14 on FOX.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: Dallas Morning News, Pegasus News, Spoilertv-prisonbreak.blogspot.com
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Gina Scarpa

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