Prison Break’s season premiere is only a few short months away and already, lots of juicy tidbits have keep us salivating as wait for September to near. Fan favorite Sara Tancredi is back and the show has added several new characters to keep things interesting. Michael Rapaport has joined the cast as an FBI agent with inside information for Michael while Cress Williams signs on as a deadly assassin for The Company. There is still one role left to cast – the nerdy hacker whose big mouth tends to hurt Michael more than it helps at times. I’ve compiled an ideal list of candidates to play said hacker. Take a look and cast your vote for who you’d love to see join forces with the Prison Break brothers for season 4!

The A-Lister: Zach Braff

Scrubs is ending.  He’s only got one movie in the works.  Maybe Braff will find leaving television is easier said than done.  Sure, it’s a longshot but casting Braff as the hacker would certainly bring in new viewers that could put Prison Break back on top.

The Underdog: Zach Levi

Zach Levi is an underrated actor from an underrated show.  Chuck never received the credit it was due and, as its star, Levi packed a one-two punch as a computer whiz who was more comfortable in front of a laptop than a group of people.  Can’t you just seem him now, helping the brothers shut down security systems or checking out top secret government sites for them?

The Veteran: Stephen Colbert

Okay, nobody said this hacker had to be some young thing straight out of college.  Stephen Colbert is, by all accounts, a nerdy guy.  He’s also completely hilarious and plays up awkward situations every chance he gets.  Stephen Colbert, computer hacker.  I’d buy it.

The Eye Candy:
Seth Green

Yeah, I said it.  Seth Green is hot.  He’s the shortest, hottest, nerdiest thing in Hollywood.  My love for him started back in the days of Buffy and have only gotten stronger over the years.  This is my own personal pitch to FOX, to bring Green back to television besides as an animated voice.  Besides, he’s just right for it!

The First Choice: Adam Brody

This role was made for Adam Brody.  As Seth Cohen on The O.C., he perfected the art of playing the lovable and talkative nerdy guy next door.  Brody brings the right combination of qualities to the table.  He’s attractive, he’s intelligent, he’s witty, and he’s likable.  As Prison Break’s hacker, you could see where he could quickly earn Michael’s trust but drive him right up a wall

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV