Last week on Battlestar Galactica, the Colonial Fleet scrambled to fill President Roslin’s position following her disappearance.  After much pointless rambling from Romo Lampkin, Lee decided to step up and get sworn in to office.  On the Galactica, Adama discovered that Tigh knocked up the imprisoned Caprica Six, which led to an awesome fist fight that destroyed Adama’s model ship for the millionth time.  Despite the Colonel’s scandalous extracurricular activities, Adama (Edward James Olmos) felt safe leaving him in charge of the Galactica while he took off to search for Roslin.

On tonight’s episode, Roslin and Baltar try to get answers from the Cylon Hybrid, and D’Anna is finally let out of her box.

The episode starts off at the moment the Basestar jumped away from the fleet.  While the ship is jumping, Roslin (Mary McDonnell) finds herself face to face with her long dead spiritual leader, Elosha.  They’re aboard the Galactica, which is completely empty aside from Roslin dying of cancer in her hospital bed. How’s that for an unsettling vision?  When the Basestar reappears in space, the vision ends and Roslin snaps back to reality.

Roslin and Baltar soon figure out that the Basestar is jumping because Natalie was killed.  Boomer lets them know that they can no longer unplug the Hybrid, so Baltar tries to talk her out of jumping like he’s a parent comforting a four-year-old.  It’s rather hilarious.

The ship jumps again, giving Roslin a vision where Elosha tells her not to waste her time with people she doesn’t love.  Back in reality, Number Eight (Grace Park) figures out that the Hybrid is jumping to the Resurrection Hub.  The only way to sneak on to the Hub is to send the Vipers in without power, allowing them to get towed by Cylon vessels.  It’s a risky move, but it just might pay off.  While Boomer and Helo plan the attack, she admits that she got curious about Athena and downloaded her memories.  She doesn’t mean for it to sound creepy, but it sort of does.

Roslin tells Helo (Tahmoh Penikett) to bring D’Anna straight to her after she’s unboxed.  If D’Anna truly does know the identities of the Final Five, Roslin doesn’t want the Cylons listening in on the information.  On the Resurrection Hub, Brother Cavil wakes up D’Anna and tells her about the civil war.  He’s brought her back so she can stop the Cylons from battling one another.

Sharon and Helo rally the Viper pilots and fill them in on the surprise invasion plan.  Sneaking in is going to require the pilots to have some faith in the Cylons that are towing them along, which many of them aren’t happy about.  However, they calm down once Eight explains that they flew with Cylons all the time on the Galactica.

Roslin and Baltar try to get information about the opera house vision from the Hybrid.  The two of them bicker like an old married couple, which suddenly makes me picture a wacky Roslin and Baltar sitcom.  Do I smell a spin-off brewing?  After much interrogation, the Hybrid finally tells them that Number Three has been unboxed.  She then promptly jumps the ship closer to the Hub, forcing Roslin to envision Adama reading to her while she slowly dies.

While Baltar chats with a Centurion about God, Helo admits some of his worries to Roslin.  He thinks that if D’Anna tells her the way to Earth she’ll keep the information a secret among the humans.  Helo wants to be all sentimental about the Eights and believe that they wouldn’t hurt a fly, but Roslin tells him to be realistic. He doesn’t know what the entire line is like, after all.

The Vipers hook themselves to the Cylon ships and make their way toward the Hub.  Right when Cavil figures out what they’re up to, D’Anna (Lucy Lawless) kills him without even moving from her tub of goo.  Helo and Eight show up a moment later and lead D’Anna to safety, though Helo gets distracted by a tub full of Sharons on the way out.

Back on the Basestar, Baltar is injured in an explosion as the ship comes under attack.  Roslin does her best impression of Doc Cottle and tends to the hole in his stomach.  Meanwhile, Baltar rambles about God, guilt, and how pretty Laura looks.  When Roslin asks him what he feels guilty about, he admits that he gave the access codes to the Cylons, allowing them to wipe out humanity.  A moment later she rips off his bandage and watches as the blood drains from his body.  She’s going to let Baltar die a slow, painful death.  This is just one more example of why Roslin is one of the coolest characters EVER.

With D’Anna out of the way, the Vipers are clear to launch a nuclear strike on the Resurrection Hub.  They send out their bombs, blowing the Hub to smithereens.  Cylons and humans are now on equal ground.

As the Basestar makes a jump, the vision of Elosha tries to talk Roslin out of letting Baltar die.  We also get a sweet moment where Adama says goodbye to the president while she slips away.  When Laura comes back to reality she’s prepared to give Baltar another chance.  She starts her Doc Cottle routine just in time to save him.

Sharon feels betrayed when Helo reveals that he’s supposed to take D’Anna straight to the president, but it’s too late to change the plan now.  Helo finds Roslin, tells her the news about the Hub, and leaves her to chat with Number Three.  She gets right down to business and asks about the Final Five, and D’Anna fakes her out by telling her that she’s one of them. Thankfully it’s just a joke, otherwise that moment would have been spoiled by the Sci Fi Channel promos.  D’Anna promises to reveal the Final Five after they get back to the fleet.

The Basestar slowly begins jumping back home, eventually appearing right in front of Adama’s Raptor.  He flies in and goes to rescue his girl, greeting her with a huge hug.  As the episode comes to an end, Roslin tells Adama that she loves him.  His response? “About time.”  Excuse me while I grab a tissue box and weep uncontrollably for the next ten minutes.

Next week is the midseason finale of Battlestar Galactica.  Will we learn who the fifth Cylon is, or will we be left hanging until 2009?

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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