There are numerous ways for hardcore Supernatural fans to get their fix of the Winchesters over the long summer hiatus.  There’s a new Supernatural comic book series on the shelves, a few tie-in novels, the first two seasons on DVD, and, for a Jared and Jensen fix, reruns of Gilmore Girls and Smallville on the tube.  However, fans who want to spend the next few months reading behind-the-scenes scoop about the series only need to turn to one place: The Official Supernatural Magazine.  The fourth issue of the bimonthly publication was recently released, and it features exclusive interviews with the cast, a Q&A with creator Eric Kripke, and much more.

The most important feature in the latest issue is an extensive interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.  The Winchesters sit down to discuss their feelings on the third season, what it’s like to have prisoners obsessed with the show, and how they deal with things that go bump in the night.  The issue also features an interview with Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Amber Benson, who played reluctant bloodsucker Lenore in season 2’s “Bloodlust.”  She talks about her experience on the series and what it was like to play such an aggressive character.

In addition to the cast interviews, the issue also features a look back at season 3’s “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” a chat with Supernatural tie-in novelist Keith R.A. DeCandido, a sit down with director Mike Rohl, and an interview with a real life ghost hunter.  Creator Eric Kripke also answers questions from the fans, and takes time to explain why Dean is just as important to the show’s mythology as Sam.

The fourth issue of The Official Supernatural Magazine is in stores everywhere.  You can also subscribe to the magazine by visiting

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