Earlier in the week, the CW announced how many episodes they planned to produce for each of their hit shows for the remainder of the television season.  Today they announced exactly when the first post-strike episodes will begin airing.  This is great news for fans of shows such as Supernatural, One Tree Hill, and Gossip Girl, as the strike wrapped up just in time to ensure that the gap between new installments won’t be too torturous.  Read on to discover when your favorite CW shows will be returning to wrap up their seasons.

The last pre-strike episode of Supernatural will be airing next week, and they’ll be back with four more season 3 installments beginning on Thursday, April 24.  This means that fans will be waiting about two months in between new episodes, and while that is a pretty long time, it could certainly be worse.

The good news for Supernatural fans is that the April 24 episode is the only fresh installment that will be going up against Lost.  Beginning on Thursday, May 1, Lost will be moving to 10pm for the rest of its season.  Supernatural will then be going up against new Grey’s Anatomy episodes, but my guess is that the doctor drama’s audience is probably quite different from the Supernatural audience.

One Tree Hill will be back on Monday, April 14 with six new episodes beyond the 12 that have already been produced.  The last pre-strike episode should air on March 18, leaving viewers hanging for about a month.  There’s no word on whether the CW is moving One Tree Hill to Mondays permanently, but it’s possible they may want to pair it with Gossip Girl to prepare for the return of Reaper on Tuesdays.

As for Gossip Girl, which already ran out of pre-strike installments a few weeks ago, it’ll return a week after One Tree Hill on Monday, April 21.  There will be five more episodes completed.  Reaper will return the following night, April 22, also with five episodes.

Finally, Smallville will be back on Thursday, April 17 with the first of five new installments.  The last pre-strike episode of the series airs on March 27, so fans won’t be waiting very long to see the further adventures of Clark Kent.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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