Previously on Prison Break, Michael decides to bring McGrady into the escape plan but only after warning him how much he will be risking by leaving Sona.  Whistler gives Susan only half of the information she needs in order to try to keep Sofia safe.  He promises to give her the other half once they break out.  Lechero decides that he’s going first out of the tunnel.  He cuts in front of Michael along with T-Bag and Bellick.

Lechero, T-Bag, and Bellick try to make their way out first and the guards are right on top of them. Lechero is shot and the other two fall to their knees to surrender. Meanwhile, Sucre is handcuffed to a filing cabinet while the guard questioning him goes to investigate the breakout attempt. Mahone begins panicking in the tunnel but Michael remains calm. After all, this was all part of his plan.

Lincoln anxiously waits in the woods but Sucre doesn’t answer his phone. He makes his next call to McGrady’s father to plan when and where they’ll meet up. Bellick is grabbed by a guard and immediately gives up their escape plan. When the guards head for the tunnel, Michael and his group head out. The guards see that the tunnel is empty and attack Bellick, who gives up the names of everyone trying to make their escape. Outside, Michael’s group crawls on the ground and runs for cover every chance they get. The guards head back out to find the missing four inmates but there is a hole in the fence and they are already on the run.

As Michael’s group makes their way through the woods, roads are blocked off and the man whose bus Lincoln hijacked is questioned by police. On the beach, Michael meets up with Lincoln and they dig up scuba gear. The five men head into the water and start swimming for their lives. Bellick is beaten over and over by the guards, trying to get information out of him about where Michael was headed. The guys make it to the buoy where they are supposed to get picked up by Sucre with a boat but there is no boat and no Sucre.

Susan starts to get nervous when she doesn’t hear anything from Michael and Lincoln. The guys hang on for dear life when a boat approaches but it is driven by McGrady’s father who took the boat himself after Sucre didn’t show. There isn’t any time to worry about Sucre right now – they have to get back on the run. Back at Sona, Bellick is beaten to the point of being unconscious while Lechero keeps on bleeding. The guards turn their attention to T-Bag and drag him off.

Lincoln gets a call from Susan and when he tries to lie to her about where he is, she’s right on top of him, literally. A group of men in black cars start following Lincoln’s van, trying to take them out.  At a dead end, Lincoln and the others jump out, hole up in a shack, and start trading fire.  Sucre is released from Sona after the guards decide to focus their efforts on tracking the escapees down.  He leaves as T-Bag is being tortured by the guards.

Susan has lost control of the group as Lincoln decides it’s time that he call the shots.  Just as Sucre heads out the door, T-Bag calls out that he knows Michael.  Mahone decides to head out on his own but Lincoln doesn’t let him go right away.  Linc asks Mahone to turn around so he can shoot him but is distracted the sound of glass breaking.  Everyone scatters in different directions and both Whistler and Mahone take off, leaving the brothers all alone to face The Company.

On next week’s season finale of Prison Break, Michael sets up a meeting with Susan alone.  Sucre is buried alive by the guards, trying to get information out of him.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

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