Last week’s episode of Supernatural introduced a whole new world where demons are humans, Dean is doomed, and Sam has a new rival. Tonight Uncle Bobby returns and we go into the wonderful world of dreams. I imagine it will be a lot like “Restless,” only without the cheese man.

Uncle Bobby (Jim Beaver) is walking through a dark house when some crazy editing and screaming begins. We see this is a dream, and Uncle Bobby is actually in a coma in his hotel room.,

Sam (Jared Padalecki) is drinking whiskey in a dive bar at 2pm, hoping to get sloppy drunk so he can hit on some women. This is what he meant by trying to be more like Dean. So funny, and so true. They once again rehash the conversation about how Dean doesn’t care about going to hell. Dean gets a call, and the Winchesters rush to Uncle Bobby’s bedside in a Pittsburgh hospital.

After ragging on the steel city, the boys investigate Bobby’s apartment and get a lead on a doctor’s death. Dean (Jensen Ackles) goes to interrogate the doctor’s assistant, who tells him that he was studying dreams. This leads Dean to a test subject, some pot-head college kid without the ability to dream, until the doctor gave him a special yellow tea.

Sam does some research and discovers the tea was made of some weird dream root stuff that allows people to dream walk and kill people in their sleep a la Freddy Krueger. Back in Bobby’s dream, he’s screaming for help.

The boys don’t know what to do, so Dean suggests they take some of the plant to dream walk in Bobby’s mind. They don’t have any, so Dean thinks Bela (Lauren Cohan) is the best bet.

Bela arrives and has some naughty ideas about what she’d like to do with Sam. They start getting it on, and then Dean wakes up his sleeping brother. Sam is quite ashamed of having a Bela sex dream. Bela ultimately does come through with the dream root, but only because Bobby once saved her life. Dean refuses to let her be a part of the dream walking, and when she leaves, Sam is adorably awkward.

They drink down the potion, mixed with some of Bobby’s hair. And now, it’s off to crazy dream world. It’s raining upside down, and they’re in Bobby’s house, before it went to crap.

Sam walks outside and gets locked out on a beautiful summer day. He’s walking around, then gets hit in the chest by the pot-head kid. Pot-Head tells Sam to get out, then hits him again. Meanwhile, Dean finds Bobby, who’s scared of a bloodied woman he identifies as his wife. The woman accuses Bobby of killing her. Dean tries to snap Bobby out of it by saying he’s like a father to him. Bobby finally realizes he’s dreaming and takes control, making the dead wife vanish.

All three wake up at the same time. They debrief about Pot-Head being a super genius, and he tricked Bobby by offering him a beer, which allowed him to walk in his dreams. Dean admits to being stupid enough to accept Pot-Head’s beer as well. So now Pot-Head can enter either of their dreams and they must stay awake.

Two days later, Dean is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, angry they can’t find this kid. Dean gives up and decides to go to sleep to fight the Pot-Head. Sam plucks Dean’s hair to go dream walking inside his brother.

Dean dreams about a nice picnic with Lisa from “The Kids are Alright” which he’s embarrassed to have his brother see. The brothers get separated chasing after Pot-Head, and Dean goes into a cabin where he finds…another Dean! Two Ackleses are better than one.

Alterna-Dean is very pushy about how sad and pathetic Dean’s life is, quietly going to hell without ever living an original life because Dean was just a carbon copy of his father, a tool created to fight demons. Dean is upset and starts taking out his daddy issues on himself by killing Alterna-Dean. But Alterna-Dean isn’t dead, because Alterna-Dean is really DEMON DEAN! He shows the real Dean what his future holds when he goes to hell.

Elsewhere in dream lands, Pot-Head is beating the crap out of Sam. Then Sam, using that big beautiful brain of his, realizes he also took the dream root and can manipulate the dream, so he summons Pot-Head’s abusive father.

Back in the real world, Bela is missing. Bobby reveals that he never saved Bela’s life, and they’re upset because it looks like they got conned again, Indeed, Bela stole the Colt! Wow, I love the Winchesters, but will they never learn?

They go after her, and in the car, Dean confesses to Sam that he doesn’t want to die and doesn’t want to go to hell. Yay, choose life!

Next week on Supernatural: Dean dies. Then he dies again. And again, And again. It should be pretty damn funny.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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