In light of recent developments, there now seems to be a ray of hope on the horizon for an imminent resolution to the writers’ walkout.  With a tentative agreement issued jointly by the Directors Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the buzz is that a number of shows will soon resume production.

NBC’s The Office actually already has fresh material all set for filming.  The sitcom was about to shoot a script during the first week of the scribes’ strike.  However, the script never got produced because The Office‘s lead star, Steve Carell, refused to cross the picket line.

In other news, recently had a lighthearted conversation with actress Melora Hardin.  Hardin plays Jan Levinson, Michael Scott’s (Carell) boss and romantic interest.  The actress answered several good-natured questions, some of which involved her experiences as part of The Office.

“We joke that it’s 90% scripted and 90% improvised,” Hardin remarked when asked whether the show is partly ad-libbed.  “We always do the scripted version because we have an amazing writing team, but then we kinda get to play.  Once we get it the way that it’s written, then we explore other options.”

Speaking of The Office‘s scripts, the actress also offered her take on the ongoing writers’ walkout.

“I definitely support the writers.  But at the same time, everyone is really missing work and wanting to go back.  I feel bad for the crews.  I feel like the studios and everybody needs to look up the word “negotiation” and really start negotiating because that’s the key to ending this thing.  I don’t think people can just stand on the opposite sides of the room and be bullheaded.  I think they have to negotiate because there are valid points being made.  This is the future of our business.”

Hardin also recalled The Office‘s experience on a visit to Scranton, Pennsylvania.

“It was just amazing,” the actress said. “Four thousand people come out in the rainy, cold weather… we really have awesome fans.  I got to sing in front of 1,500 screaming people, and we also did a Q&A.  It was incredible, the amount of people there who were asking questions.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Staff Columnist, BuddyTV