It’s sad to say but Prison Break only has 3 new episodes left to air before they join the other tv shows in the land of darkness.  With no hope in site for the WGA strike, we’ll soon only be left with shows like Moment of Truth and The Baby Boomers to get us through our weeknights.  Prison Break on DVD, anyone?  The worst part about the show going off the air for the time being is that Prison Break seems to keep getting better and better.  Fans are left each Monday night wondering what Michael and Lincoln’s fate will be and no one has any idea where the show is headed.  An actual break out of Sona is coming sooner rather than later and before the new episodes run out, you’ll know how the escape attempt goes.  Here is a look at the last three new episodes of Prison Break.


In the upcoming episode, “Under and Out”, heavy rain threatens Michael’s escape plan.  The escape group starts to break off into pairs with T-Bag and Lechero in one corner and Bellick trying to pull Mahine into another.  Fans won’t have to wait until the end of the season for the prisoners to attempt an escape from Sona.  They’ll be making a run for it on the February 11th episode, “Hell or High Water”.  Unfortunately, just like Fox River, the escape doesn’t go well for everyone.

If Michael thought breaking out of Sona was complicated enough, wait until another person close to him ends up in the prison with him.  According to an interview with Amaury Nolasco in a recent issue of Prison Break magazine, his character, Sucre, will be headed behind the prison walls soon.  “Sucre ends up as a prisoner,” he confirms.  “Something inside is going to prove very important to Michael and Lincoln completing their mission.  Once again, they are going to have to relay on their friend, Mr. Fernando Sucre.”

Only 13 episodes have been written and filmed for a season that is supposed to have 22 episodes.  The final new episode, for the time being, will air on February 18th.  The episode, entitled “The Art of the Deal”, Michael meets Susan face to face outside of Sona’s walls.  A long negotiation begins between the brothers and the woman who holds all the cards.  Could they perhaps be bargaining to get LJ back?

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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