Alison’s new man (and future husband, as we learned from the first flash-forward scene) sort of came into Rosewood with no real introduction and didn’t really tell the Liars, or us, much about himself. That being the case, we don’t trust you Dr. Rollins. You were Charlotte’s doctor and are now in love with her sister, Alison? Yeah, there’s two trustworthy people to associate yourself with… Let’s take a minute and think about everything we know about Dr. Rollins and try and figure out what his ulterior motives could be.

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Pretty Little Liars season 6B.

Sorry, So Who are You?

PLL-Meet-Elliot-Rollins.gif Our first peak at Rollins was in the season 6A finale, when Alison signed her name as “Mrs. Rollins” on the chalkboard. That told us that future Alison gets married This happy moment gets ruined when the girls come bursting into the classroom to tell Alison that, “he’s coming for [her].” But more on that later. In season 6B, we’ve learned that Dr. Elliot Rollins is (was) Charlotte’s and Mona’s psychiatrist at Radley. He and Alison grew close over the past five years as Alison tried to establish a relationship with her estranged sister, Charlotte. The two began to date.

So far, we’ve seen that Elliot is a cautious and caring guy. He’s a doctor, so those characteristics would fall into that category. When he gives Alison the news that the judge wants testimonies from the Liars about how they would feel about Charlotte being released, he warns Alison that the girls may not be receptive to this and he doesn’t want her to get her hopes up. What a nice guy. More recently, in “Do Not Disturb,” his involvement reaches a newer (and slightly more awkward) level.

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Elliot in the Middle

Dr. Rollins PLL.gif Elliot makes a visit to Emily without Alison knowing and asks that she go visit her. He tries to apologize on Alison’s behalf for her behavior, and urges Emily to reach out to make amends. He wants them to reconcile their friendship. Here’s where things get a little iffy. How much did Elliot actually know about Emily and Alison’s strange relationship before going to see her? Is he aware that Emily was in love with her and that Alison (on some level) was as well, but manipulated Emily for how she felt about her? If he does, he probably wouldn’t go reach out to Emily to fix this, because their problems go much deeper than their current fight. Or would he?

He also sees that Emily is about to go to a fertility clinic. However, he doesn’t share this news with Alison. Later in the episode, a threat against Emily’s eggs is made by the Devil emoji. It’s odd that this happens so shortly after Elliot found out this news, and also that he didn’t share it with Alison. It could be that he didn’t feel it was his place to tell Alison, but we also didn’t see him again after his encounter with Emily. Alison later stops by to see Emily and ends up accompanying her to the clinic for the procedure. So actually, Elliot’s plan to reunite these two worked out in the end.

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There’s Too Much to Ignore

Dr. Rollins Suspicious.gif Maybe there’s something in the water in Rosewood, but we just can not trust new people. Dr. Rollins has got too many strange things going on to seem like a fully genuine guy. For one thing, as a doctor, where is his sense of boundaries? Yes, he’s dating Alison. But does that give him the right to get in the middle of her relationship with Emily and try and force it one way? Seems like a strange practice for someone whose job it is to stay un-involved in matters like this. Speaking of boundaries, Elliot eyes shouldn’t be wandering around Emily’s things anyway. Though, in his defense, he didn’t tell Alison about it. However, given his track record this episode of getting in other people’s business, it seems more suspicious that he wouldn’t tell her.

If this isn’t suspicious enough for you, answer this — just how did Elliot know that Emily was staying at Lucas’ apartment with Hanna? That information was never revealed to Alison, let alone Elliot. Yet somehow, both of them wind up here separately at different points. It’s likely that Lucas’ place is being watched, but by who? Lucas isn’t exactly cleared of suspicion yet himself, but at least if he showed up at that apartment, it would make sense. It’s his apartment. Elliot somehow knowing that the girls were staying there is pretty suspicious.

Is this guy an actual doctor, or is he crazier than he lets on? Maybe he was more involved with Charlotte than we know. This twisted relationship would be a natural next step for Pretty Little Liars. The show’s already explored student/teacher, brother/sister, officer/criminal’s parent and underage scandals — why not doctor/patient next?

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