As we get closer to the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, the webisode series Pretty Dirty Secrets gets even creepier. This time that bit of scary comes courtesy of Rosewood’s creepiest potato sack baby doll costume.

There’s so much that is weird about Rosewood, Pennsylvania. But it is especially weird that more than one person owns a Halloween costume that is basically just a weird baby doll face sewn onto a burlap sack.

This week we’re once again back in the only Halloween store in town. And once again Shana is working. Does Shana do anything else? Did Shana move from New York directly into the Halloween store so she could better spend all her time eavesdropping on the weirdos who live in this town?

She’s also reading a comic book, because I guess no one got into a fight over Jenna today. Lucas walks into the store looking as squirrely and off-kilter as usual. Remember when Lucas was just some nerd who helped Hanna sell things on eBay? Now he’s constantly walking around like he just came from a drug deal and promptly ingested at least half of the drugs. Lucas really needs to chill. Maybe he could take up yoga or something. 

He notices Shana reading a comic book and the two talk about Comic Con for a bit. Lucas looks like a puppy who just saw the best squeaky toy in the land, but Shana is soon over the whole conversation.

As Lucas walks away, it’s time for the mysterious phone call of the webisode. Lucas agrees with the person on the other end that he’s gotten his ticket. Then, suddenly, it’s the stuff of nightmares. Creepy Baby Burlap is right behind Lucas.

Instead of screaming and running out of this terrible Halloween store, Lucas pops into the dressing room to receive his ticket from Creepy Baby Burlap. Wait, that costume has pockets? Where?

Creepiest person: You cannot beat a person in a burlap sack and scary baby doll mask when it comes to the creep factor. There is almost nothing creepier. It case you’ve forgotten, Creepy Baby Burlap made his/her/it’s first appearance in last year’s Halloween special and then promptly reappeared afterwards in my nightmares.

A Team Member? Lucas is looking more and more guilty of being somehow involved in the ‘A’ team shenanigans. He had a reason to hate Alison, he spent the first part of season three skulking around Rosewood, and now he’s taking mysterious tickets from silent baby doll costumes in dressing rooms. Odds are good he’s involved somehow.

ImportAnt Information: We now know Lucas will be making an appearance in the October 23rd Halloween episode, since he’s officially gotten his ticket on the terror train. Will Creepy Baby Burlap be making an appearance? I’d put money on it.

Watch the webisode for yourself and sound off with your theories in the comments:

Who do you think is in the Creepy Baby Burlap costume? What will Lucas be doing at the Halloween party?

Morgan Glennon
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Morgan Glennon

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