The season 7 premiere of Pretty Little Liars may have left us just as confused as the season 6 finale did. We still don’t know for sure who killed Charlotte or why, what Mary Drake is really after, or who the mysterious A.D. is. That being said, a lot of clues in last night’s episode pointed to one possible answer for that last mystery, and now we’re left wondering this: could Spencer be A.D.? Let’s discuss.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 7 of Pretty Little Liars.

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She Wasn’t Herself

PLL Spencer Bye to You Too.gif Was it just me, or did Spencer seem a little indifferent throughout the whole episode? I mean, one of her best friends is missing and on threat of death, but she seemed to care the least. She wasn’t even as much in detective-mode as she usually is during moments like this. Instead of taking the lead on things, she was sort of in the background doing what others told her to. Granted, there could be some explanations for her behavior, the most logical one being that she felt disconnected from Caleb since Hanna went missing. Caleb was not subtle at all about how deeply Hanna’s disappearance disturbed him and he was easily the most concerned and determined to bring her back.

He was so distracted by Hanna’s disappearance that he became short with Spencer and didn’t really give her the time of day. Of course this would upset her, but Spencer has always been a lateral thinker before anything else. Solving this mystery should have been her top priority, yet she didn’t really take initiative. Even when Mona and Caleb gave her the lead that Mary Drake was talking on the phone to someone with an Aussie accent at a bar and asked her to go investigate, she passed the buck to Aria. What was Spencer so preoccupied with that she couldn’t be bothered to go there herself?

Hanna’s “Dream”

PLL Hanna Dream.gif It seemed odd that Hanna’s dream sequence would just be her and Spencer, no? No offense, but why Spencer out of everyone? If anything, you’d think she’d feel safest seeing Caleb. Instead, Spencer is there to console Hanna in her dream and offer her advice on how to escape. Only, what if it wasn’t a dream? Hanna has thought she was dreaming before when she saw Ali, and we later found out that wasn’t a dream at all, Ali actually was there.

Also, if Uber A is as smart as Hanna says (“smarter than the other A’s” — who have we always known to be the biggest brain in PLL?), would her escape really have been that easy? Maybe Spencer came to Hanna in real life to give her a clue on how to escape. After discovering that Hanna in fact didn’t kill Charlotte (either from Caleb or even from Hanna, who admitted right then and there that they didn’t know who killed her), she would likely have let her loose.

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Does Spencer Have a Twin?

There’s also evidence that Spencer couldn’t be involved. For instance, there are many times when A.D. is on the move, but Spencer is accounted for. That being the case, what if Spencer has a twin? In her tea date with Mary Drake, the topic of sister relationships, and specifically of twins, came up quite a bit. Twins have been a constant theme in Pretty Little Liars, and it definitely would fall in line with this. There were even hints that Mary Drake could be Spencer’s mother. The dream sequence with Hanna would also make more sense, as dream Spencer didn’t have bangs, but our Spencer does. If Spencer does have a twin, they undoubtedly are A.D.

PLL Spencer Not That Simple.gif Do you think Spencer is involved? Let us know in the comments below!

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