Pretty Little Liars season 7 premieres Tuesday, June 21 on Freeform and it looks like the Liars are in deeper water than they’ve ever been before. With Hanna being abducted by Uber A, Dr. Rollins revealing himself to be a villain and so much more drama from season 6 pouring over, you won’t want to miss this epic season premiere. Check out the previews for the episode and season 7 spoilers below.

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Check out the trailer for the season 7 premiere “Tick-Tock, Bitches” below:

It looks like Mary Drake is in full effect this season and pulling the strings. It’s not completely been revealed yet what her game plan is, but she clearly wants some sort of revenge for being cast aside from the DiLaurentis side of her family. With Ali still bedridden because of Mary and Elliot’s actions, she’s free to rifle through the DiLaurentis estate to get whatever she’s looking for.

That isn’t all we can expect this season. According to TVLine, season 7 will also feature a romantic reunion for Aria and Ezra. Apparently, despite sleeping together in season 6, Aria is still with Liam when we see her again in season 7. Chances are pretty high that this relationship won’t last long.

Additionally, season 7 will feature a wedding for one of the Liars and has some big surprises for the Alison/Emily relationship we thought was dead. Could these two be the ones getting married? Will Emily’s mysterious missing eggs play any part in this? We’ll be tuning in all summer to find out!

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Pretty Little Liars season 7 premieres Tuesday, June 21 at 8pm on Freeform.

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