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There are two great joys in life — binge-watching and binge drinking. Who’s to say you can’t do both at the same time? We’ve put together an epic Supernatural drinking game that will make any episode you watch just that much more fun. If that wasn’t enough, check out some delicious and badass Supernatural-inspired cocktails to go along with it.

In every episode of Supernatural, there are just certain things you can count on. After over 200 episodes, we’ve picked up on a lot Sam and Dean’s recurring mannerisms and now we’ve put together a game which turns those tendencies into tipsy entertainment. Before we get started on the rules of BuddyTV’s Supernatural drinking game, let’s hit the bar and order some delicious drinks fit for a demon-hunter. We’ve picked our 5 favorite Supernatural-inspired cocktails from the Supernatural Daily Tumblr.

Crowley’s Kiss
1 part Kahlua
1 part Amaretto
1 part Bailey’s
Topped with whipped cream

Castiel’s Lullaby
1 part UV Blue Raspberry Vodka (blue)
1 part Malibu Rum
1 part Pineapple Juice
Topped with a red cherry and rim the glass with sugar

Demon Trap
1 part Vanilla Vodka
2 parts Cranberry Juice
Float a thin slice from a small orange — make sure you cut so the orange is a full circle, like the trap, before placing on top!

Demon’s Blood-tini
3 parts Skyy Blood Orange Infused Vodka
1 part Cranberry Juice

Hellhound Bloodbath
1 part Southern Comfort
1 part Amaretto
2 parts Cranberry Juice
1 part Sour Mix

Now that you’ve got your cocktail in hand, let’s get into the rules of the game. In the words of our favorite socially awkward angel…

SPN Drinking.gif(Responsibly, of course!)

With that said…

Take 1 Drink:
-Dean Calls Sam a Bitch
-Dean Says “Sammy”
-Castiel is Socially Awkward
-Someone Says, “What the Hell?”
-Someone Says, “Family”

Take 2 Drinks:
-Dean Proclaims His Love for Pie
-Sam Calls Dean a Jerk
-Crowley Calls Sam “Moose”
-Sam and Dean Argue

Take 3 Drinks:
-Crowley Says, “Hello Boys.”
-Dean Talks to the Impala
-A Dead Character Returns

Finish Your Drink:
-Castiel Doesn’t Get a Pop Culture Reference
-Sam and Dean Get in a Fist Fight
-Sam Does Research
-Crowley or Cas Appear/Disappear Out of Nowhere
-God is Mentioned

Save and print the image below to reference the game’s rules at anytime during your Supernatural viewing! If you have more rules you’d add to the list, share them in the comments below!

Supernatural Ultimate Drinking Game.jpgSPN Dean Drunk.gif(Images courtesy of The CW)

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