Well, there’s nothing like a surprise party and drugged tequila to make a night wild, as happened in Scream‘s “Happy Birthday to Me.” And by the end of the episode, no one thought Jake was alive anymore.

Here are six reasons we’re suspicious of Stavo after “Happy Birthday to Me.”

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Stavo’s Stare Following the Killer’s Message to Audrey

Scream 204 1.pngIn study hall, Audrey got a text from the killer (“Hey Killer, Isn’t it fun to be screwed with? I got my eye on you.”) and when she looked up, Stavo was staring.

Audrey Found Horror Comics-esque Drawings of the Lakewood Six on Stavo’s Tablet

That included this very creepy one of Emma:

Scream 204 2.pngStavo’s Obsession with the Lakewood Six as Compared to Other Brooding Loners

According to Noah, “Brooding loners always get a bad rap. Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single White Female. Markie Mark in Fear. Their obsessions always lead them right over the edge into crazy Stalker Ville. But it doesn’t mean that’s what’s happening here.”

Stavo Passed out Shots of Tequila and Encouraged Everyone to Take One

That tequila would then make everyone sick.

Stavo Had Experience with What Made Everyone Sick

Back in Phoenix, it was a thing to go to the desert and trip on ayahuasca. He even did it once himself, and it had the “same pungent smell as that tequila.” So why did he pass it out? Furthermore, he warned that their reactions depended on “what’s buried inside” them. “It brings that truth to the surface.” And when Emma called him out on knowing so much about something he only did once, he blamed it on the paranoia and suspicion that could arise from it.

Sheriff Acosto Found a Brandon James Mask in Stavo’s Room

Scream 204 3.pngWhy does he have it? Was he the one who attacked Emma (if she really was attacked)?

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