You may remember last June when I took part in a little game with the notorious “A” from Pretty Little Liars. I played the role of Aria, and was sent on various missions by “A.” Failure to complete these tasks in a timely manner would result in Aria’s (and now my own) secrets being exposed. While the game didn’t go without its hiccups, my secrets remained safe. Phew!

Well, last week I was delivered a box. Inside, I found a pumpkin shaped bowl full of M&Ms from “A”

What a thoughtful treat right? (I immediately emptied it out to make sure there wasn’t anything hidden inside. Don’t want to miss anything like I almost did last year with the dirt) It also came with this note:


I then found a flashlight in the box and the paper revealed a secret website. When I got to the site I found this video you can watch below. A sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars (returning January 3) is indeed another treat!

But wait! Did you see that message?

I’m still here and I know everything. -A

Was that directed at me? I guess we’ll find out if the texts start back up again. But more importantly who do you think Aria saw? Toby, Lucas, Noel, or somebody else? Tell me your thoughts below. Part of my hopes it’s Wren because I miss him.

Pretty Little Liars.JPG
(Image courtesy of ABC Family)