Trying to figure out the Pretty Little Liars mystery is harder than opening a pill bottle with a childproof cap. It’s harder than singlehandedly taking over a level 9 gym when your best Pokemon is a 1307 Vaporeon. What I’m saying is it’s damn near impossible!

Previously, I was on the trail of Wren and Rollins being twins, and moving toward the idea that Charlotte and Wren are twins. But after this episode, all fingers are pointed in Noel Kahn’s direction.

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Another Drake? Another DiLaurentis? A.D.?

Let’s jump right to the bombshell of the episode. The last time Mary saw Jason she and Jessica got into an argument over Charles’s death. Jessica ended up locking herself in Aunt Carol’s storm cellar until Mary left. The Liars jump on this tiny bit of information and run with it. They decide to investigate the cellar, sans Aria, to see if they can find any clues.

I was half expecting we’d find five PLL moms hanging out down there drinking wine, but instead we find out the cellar is actually Jessica’s lair. There is a cabinet drawer labeled “leads” which contains files on all of the girls, again sans Aria. Ali thinks all of this is the investigation material from when her mom was trying to look for her.

Emily is the one who makes the shocking discovery. Another drawer in the cabinet holds Mary’s medical records. It turns out, Jessica was in charge of Mary’s care while she was in Radley — and she authorized electroshock therapy. But that’s not even the coup de grace! Emily finds a document stating Mary had another child besides Charles. There isn’t much information included in the file except a note saying “no complications due to prior birth” and a birthdate saying the child would now be close to the Liars’ age.

Hold the phone! Whaaat? There is no way that both Charlotte and this other child are Mary’s. In the previous episode Mary was telling Alison how she never met Charlotte. She lifted up her shirt revealing a gruesome scar. She went on to say the doctor got so impatient he just cut her open and took the baby out. So, how can there be “no complications due to prior birth” if there was never a prior natural birth? At this point, I’m beginning to think Mary and Jessica were playing their own little game of Parent Trap. I’ll take the red herring bait. Noel Kahn is the other child, which makes him Charlotte’s brother (or cousin).

It’s important to note the file containing the “second baby” records is signed by Dr. Cochran. In the beginning of the episode, Noel is hiding a file in a lock box in Jenna’s hotel room. He then makes a call to one Dr. Cochran.

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Noel and Charlotte’s History

Noel has always been a shady character on Pretty Little Liars, but that’s just the price you pay when you run around with the Jenna Marshalls of the world. He hasn’t been a major player in the foreground of the show, but his presence has been huge.

Charlotte and Noel’s older brother were friends. Charlotte hung out at their cabin playing high-stakes truth games with the Kahn brothers. It makes sense that Noel is the other DiLaurentis/Drake.

Noel has also played a big role in helping Alison and Charlotte. He helped both of them at different times when they were on the run from ‘A.’ It seems kind of dumb now because he helped Charlotte escape from herself, seeing as how she turned out to be ‘A’ in the end. I never said he was smart, you guys!

However sinister Noel may seem, I don’t believe he is A.D. So far, his motives seem to run parallel to the Liars’, or he’s just the “Toby’s mom storyline” of this season. He could just want to know who his birth mom is. Things look to ramp up in the next episode “Exes and OMGs” with more Noel Kahn shenanigans.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Noel is the second child, or do you have another theory? Let me know in the comments.

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