Fans are still preparing themselves mentally for Tony’s exit at the end of season 13 of NCIS. While fans mourn, The team behind NCIS needs to find someone to fill Tony’s spot on the team. It looks like the role will be filled by not one but two new faces that are set to join NCIS in season 14. TVLine reports that NCIS has released the character description for one of the new characters. It is a New York female agent named Tess. Tess is first set to appear in the season 13 finale.

No actress has been cast for Tess just yet. NCIS is reportedly looking for a “name” actress to fill the character’s shoes. Tess is described as an FBI agent in her late 30’s who is transferred to Gibbs’ team from the New York counter-terrorism group. Much like Gibbs, Tess has been divorced three times because “the men in her life can’t keep up with her.” 

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Cementing her status as Tony’s replacement, Tess is described as quick-witted, sarcastic and shrewd. Though Tess does appear to be a bit more hard-edged than the lovable Tony. She’s described as a mix between a bulldog and a kitten, mostly bulldog. She finds sex and sleep overrated but loves a good drink and burger. Tess evidently can fit in a black tie event with politicians or can throw down with some truckers. A renaissance woman of a special agent, if you will. 

Tess is also described to be a Mama Bear to her co-workers. That’s until Tess is aggravated and then she really lets loose. She has an independent spirit that causes her to butt heads with her superiors. So at the very least, Tess will be taking up Tony’s mantle of aggravating Gibbs.

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But what do you think does Tess sound like an adequate substitute for Tony? Do you think she’ll be a good addition to the team? Which actress do you think NCIS is looking for Tess? Who would you cast if you were in charge? Are you ready to let Tony go?

NCIS season 13 airs Tuesdays at 8pm on CBS.

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