The 100‘s Octavia Blake has had a rough life from the moment she was born as an illegal second child on the Ark. The ground became her freedom and she found a place where she belonged with Lincoln and the Trikru. After the events of Mount Weather, she was lost once again despite having Lincoln by her side.

We spoke with Marie Avgeropoulos about the divide between Octavia and Lincoln, what’s coming up for Octavia this season, the teased confrontation between the Blake siblings and the experience of riding a horse for the show.

As the season begins there’s some trouble between Octavia and Lincoln with their roles somewhat reversed. She’s drawn to the Trikru and he’s assimilating with the Arkers. Is that an ongoing struggle for them?

It was really challenging for Octavia because she worked so hard to try to become a Grounder and Lincoln essentially was the bridge for that gap. When she sees him wearing that Arker uniform, which really represents all of the people that tortured her growing up and came and did the inspections when she was under floor and are responsible for floating her mother, that really throws her off.

Octavia really tries to figure out how to bridge that gap. At the end of the day, Lincoln will always be a Grounder and the Arkers are always going to view him that way. She doesn’t trust them. You’ll have to see how that ends up for Lincoln later.

What’s your favorite thing coming up for Octavia this season?

It’s gonna be really interesting to see what the fans think of the new dynamic between Bellamy and Octavia. She worked so hard to become a Grounder and Indra’s Second in Season 2 and then she gets that position revoked from her because she chooses to wait for Bellamy.

At the end of the day, Octavia is always going to be a Blake. So she feels like she sacrificed everything for him and Bellamy and Pike (Michael Beach) end up having quite the relationship together. Octavia doesn’t agree with it and there is some definite odds and animosity between brother and sister.

In the extended trailer, we see the big blow up between Bellamy and Octavia. Were you surprised they released that?

Bellamy pissed off Octavia! Yeah, it’s good. People aren’t going to know why until they watch it. Bellamy did something that will forever change their relationship.

How is it riding the horse?

It’s been so fun. I’ve always wanted to learn to ride a horse as a young girl. You generally have to grow up with money to do that and I definitely didn’t. So it’s been amazing to learn how to gallop a horse with no hands and sword fight at the same time on a horse. I’m literally getting to live out my action star dreams playing this character. It’s been such a pleasure to play Octavia.

The 100 airs Thursdays at 9pm ET on the CW.

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